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Voyages en train

Ce train légendaire traverse le centre du continent pour s'arrêter en quelques destinations parmi les plus spectaculaires du territoire qui se trouvent le long du chemin.

The Ghan provides a unique ‘top-to-toe’ view of Australia. Almost 3000kms long, this legendary train travels through the centre of the continent, visiting some of the Territory’s most spectacular destinations along the way. The Ghan is named after the Afghan pioneers who took cargo by camel along the same route. The journey starts (or finishes) in Adelaide, and includes stops in the Red Centre and the tropical Top End.

All aboard

From your seat (or private luxury cabin) a moving montage of colour and form passes by; from reds and oranges of vast desert expanses and the rising and setting sun, to clear cobalt skies and lush green rainforests. You may start questioning what planet you’ve woken up on as you sit down to breakfast and find bizarre escarpments and twisted gorges adorning the route. And of course the Territory’s rich river systems and city-sized wetlands are home to a spectacular range of native flora and fauna.

Going off the rails

The three-day trip can be broken up with tours along the way, from a couple of hours on a ‘whistle-stop’ to several days. All are scheduled to fit in with train timetables. So, when it’s time to get off the straight-and-narrow, consider some of the exciting options in and around Alice Springs, Darwin, Katherine, Kings Canyon or Uluru.

Whether it’s via luxury coach, cruise boat, helicopter, plane or even camel, loads of adventure and activity-based tours are on offer. Enjoy everything from golfing, lawn-bowls, canoeing and hot-air ballooning to four-wheel driving, water safaris or a good old fashioned outback pub tour. If you feel like it’s time to get out of your seat and start interacting with the magnificent world outside your window, there are plenty of ways to get into the action.