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Curtin Springs

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Curtin Springs propose diverses excursions et expériences pour que vous puissiez partager avec eux les merveilles de leur maison et découvrir l’histoire, les paysages et les liens qui les unissent à la terre.

Les excursions de fabrication de papier sont une nouvelle manière de découvrir le désert d’Australie centrale. Découvrez le processus de fabrication dans l’ancien abattoir et comment sont fabriqués les différents types de papiers.

Les balades Curtin Springs s’adressent à ceux qui cherchent à découvrir l’environnement en douceur et qui apprécient de faire partie du paysage. Vous serez à coup sûr époustouflé par l'ensemble des grands lacs salés et anciens, les différents types de sol qui présentent tous leurs caractéristiques et textures propres et les effets de lumière au fil de la journée et sur le Mont Conner en fin de journée.

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    Curtin Springs Paper

    Handmade paper from the native grasses on Curtin Springs Station.

    1 hour tours of the paper making process at the Old Abattoir building offering exclusive access to the full range of Curtin Springs Paper products.

    The different stages of the paper making process will be on display and available for visitors to see and touch. Generally we will be in full production.

    The paper making process will be explained and demonstrated.

    Participants will be able to 'pull' a piece of paper to experience how it's done.
    Each participant will receive a piece of Curtin Springs Paper.

    Extended stay (multi day) workshops - for small groups to make their own paper.
    On the main route to Ayers Rock. (no additional travel required)
    Each piece an individual, distinctive and beautiful souvenir of Central Australia
    Showcasing the diversity of the desert landscape.

    Curtin Springs Paper Workshops

    Workshops can be structured as 2, 3 or 4 day workshops.

    Attractive to the art market, team-building, friends groups, environmentalist groups. (as examples)

    Fully inclusive (single ensuite room accommodation, meals, transfers from Ayers Rock resort or airport, materials and instructive staff etc).
    Workshops can be tailored to private group requirements.

    On the main route to Ayers Rock. (no additional travel required)

    Each piece an individual, distinctive and beautiful souvenir of Central Australia showcasing the diversity of the desert landscape.

    Participants actively participate in and undertake every stage of the paper making process.
    • Cutting Grass
    • Preparation, cooking, beating
    • Pulling sheets of paper
    • Drying
    • Using the paper in their own way - through art or practical use (making books etc)

    Participants will also spend time on Curtin Springs Station, enjoying the landscape and gaining an understanding of the different land-types, the balance of production and land management and simply soaking in the splendour or Mt Conner and the salt lakes.

    Travel will be in TV air-conditioned vehicles.

    Curtin Springs Walks

    Private guided walks. Small groups. The groups will be the only ones on the tracks at any time.

    The combination of ancient and vast salt lakes, different land types each with their unique features and textures, and the ever present moods of the grand Mt Conner, are sure to embed Curtin Springs into your memory forever.

    The walking tracks take advantage of the changing light during the day and Mt Conner in the late afternoon light will take your breath away.

    Participants will learn how beef production is intrinsically linked to land management and how Curtin Springs Station produces food, whilst protecting a million acre wildlife corridor.

    Curtin Springs Walks give visitors the closed access to Mt Conner and are the only option in Central Australia to walk on private land and the salt lakes.

    Travel will be in TV air-conditioned vehicles.

    All walks are fully inclusive of all accommodation, meals, walking guide.

    Full Moon or 1 or 2 day Walks are available, walking with day packs only, walking through a variety of landtypes.

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