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Sustainable travelin the Northern Territory


Travel enriches us. It surprises, inspires and grounds us. It also has the opportunity to enrich the communities and conserve the places we visit, as we learn to travel more sustainably and responsibly.

With two UNESCO World Heritage-listed national parks, abundant and diverse wildlife, fascinating rock art sites, awe-inspiring landscapes and a unique range of Aboriginal tourism experiences, the NT invites you to feel good as you travel our ancient lands by caring for our environment and supporting our communities.

Our eco-conscious accommodation, social enterprise attractions and sustainable tour operators offer travel experiences that tread lightly on the planet, while supporting economic resilience, cultural sustainability and prosperity among local communities.

Traditional Owners sustainably managed their land for tens of thousands of years and many Aboriginal Territorians operate tours and offer accommodation options, inviting you on Country to connect with their land and culture.

Sustainable tours & experiences

Many tourism operators across the Territory support green travel and culturally responsible experiences, promoting intercultural education and economic growth in local communities. From the Top End to the Red Centre, tread lightly with these sustainable and eco-conscious tours and authentic cultural experiences.

Eco-friendly accommodation

Be a care-taker of our community and environment by choosing from one of the Northern Territory’s wide range of eco-friendly or Aboriginal owned accommodations, where nature and culture are the star attractions. Choose from urban hotels and serviced apartments with stringent environmental and socio-cultural commitments to off-grid luxury nature lodges, sustainable desert dwellings and eco-beach retreats.

Feel good food & drink

The Territory’s dining scene is on a journey towards a greener and cleaner future. Focused on Indigenous ingredients, locally sourced products, zero waste policies and seasonal menus, Territory restaurants, bars and cafes invite you to indulge in delectable dishes and refreshing beverages while feeling green and great amidst the region's breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality.

Responsible travel in nature

As a traveller, you can be part of a global movement to reshape the way we travel, supporting a new kind of tourism that leaves the places we visit better than they were before. Think about how you can adopt more eco-friendly, culturally responsible and socially-conscious practices as you explore the natural and cultural wonders of the NT where respect, preservation and conservation are the top priorities.

How to travel responsibly on Country in the NT

Here are 5 tips to help you pre-plan your holiday and travel responsibly when visiting Aboriginal lands and waters in the Top End and Red Centre.


Tips for sustainable travel in the NT

When you visit the NT, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the way you travel. Here are some ways you can make your trip more sustainable and eco-friendly:

  • Investigate sustainable transportation or purchase high-quality carbon credits to offset emissions from your flights and other transport.
  • Choose accommodation that prioritises sustainability by clearly and publicly demonstrating their commitment to the environment and their social and cultural responsibilities. 
  • Minimise waste while on your trip. Bring your own reusable water bottles, utensils and bags, and avoid buying single-use plastics.
  • Eat at local restaurants that sustainably source their ingredients and seasonally change their menus, supporting the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint of food transportation.
  • Plan for and participate in voluntary events, conservation projects or citizen science programs, where you can positively contribute to a local community, charity or the environment.
  • Challenge yourself to reduce the amount of energy and water you consume in your travels.  Make use of natural lighting and be sure to turn off your air-conditioner when you leave your hotel room, have shorter and cold water showers (it’s rare you need a hot shower in the Top End!) and be aware of water conservation in remote regions.  
  • Experience authentic and immersive Aboriginal cultural tours and contribute to the sustained development of First Nations communities. Take the time to listen and learn about local customs, obligations and expectations.
  • Support local artists and producers by purchasing souvenirs that are ethically and sustainably made and buy from local businesses who demonstrate clear social, cultural and environmental commitments.
  • Visit national parks and conservation reserves, ensuring that you purchase your Park Pass and pay your camping fees. Uphold a ‘leave-no-trace’ ethos as you explore the vast natural beauty and culturally important landscapes of the Northern Territory.


By making these small changes, you can not only have a memorable holiday where you feel great about your travel choices, but also make a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

You can find more inspiration in our Guide to eco tours & responsible travel experiences in the NT.



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