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Uluru & Surrounds

Map showing the Uluru and Surrounds region in the Northern Territory

Considered the spiritual heart of Australia, this region's gem is Uluru/Ayers Rock, but it also offers visitors so much more, and is only a few hours from Sydney.

Get ready to be blown away by World Heritage-listed natural wonders, iconic wildlife and the red dirt of the Australian Outback. The Uluru region is home to two of Australia's most famous rock formations, a mighty canyon and an ancient indigenous culture rich in story, dance and art.

Top 10 region awarded to The Red Centre, Australia. Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2019

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The iconic red rock, #Uluru has to be seen to be believed. At sunrise and sunset it’s radiance is unlike anything else, surrounded by the dreamy colours of the desert sky. There are a number of experiences that take you right up close, including the 10.6 kilometre base aalk. As the name suggests, the trail circles the entire base of this ochre-coloured monolith and takes roughly 3.5 hours if you choose do the whole thing. If you're not keen on doing it on foot, you can hire a bike from @outbackcycling or join a segway tour with @ulurusegwaytours 👌 Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @shaaunabrown! ​#SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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These distant 'mountains' might look a bit like giant marshmellows but they're actually the ancient domes of #KataTjuta (#TheOlgas)! Located roughly 35 kilometres west of #Uluru, they sit shoulder to shoulder and form a spectacular and unique configuration of deep valleys and steep gorges spread over more than 20 kilometres (12.4 miles). You can explore these red ''rockbergs'' via walking trails that range from easy strolls to longer, more difficult tracks or view them from the air on a scenic helicopter flight. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @chicken.noodyls! ​#SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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Spring might have sprung but this grand show is a year round occurrence in the Red Centre! One of the great natural wonders of the world, #Uluru towers above the surrounding landscape. While this iconic monolith looks incredible at any time of the day, golden hour is particularly special. As the sun hits it on its way down, the colour of the rock changes from a sizzling red to burnt orange to a deep purple as the light fades. This magnificent spectacle is truly mesmerising ❤️ ​Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @chicken.noodyls! ​#SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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If you're visiting Mars - whoops - we mean, #KataTjuta (#TheOlgas).... make sure you check out the Walpa Gorge walk! The 2.6 kilometre return trail follows the natural creek between two of the largest ochre-coloured domes along a rocky, but relatively easy track. With the tallest dome said to be around 546 metres high (roughly 200 metres higher than #Uluru), it’s hard not to be amazed by its sheer size 🙌 Roughly 35 kilometres west of #Uluru, the ancient rock formations can also be viewed from a helicopter on a scenic flight or from one of the designated viewing platforms - it looks particularly beautiful at sunrise and sunset when the rock change colour 🧡 Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, ​@adammweiss! ​#SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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There's nothing like sleeping in a swag in the outback, wrapped up in a blanket of stars... ✨ ​@milymiss recently had the “most amazing experience" on a guided tour with @intrepidtravel, describing the night sky as “like nothing I've ever seen before!" Departing from #AliceSprings, this 4 day adventure is great for those who are short on time but want to see as much as possible in central @Australia. You'll witness #Uluru at sunrise and sunset, wander through the gigantic domes of #KataTjuta, hike along the towering rim of #KingsCanyon and discover the outback waterholes in the West MacDonnell Ranges. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, Candice! ​#SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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Rain, hail or shine; #Uluru never ceases to amaze ❤️ With over 65 tours and experiences on offer at this iconic monolith, there's no shortage of ways to explore the spiritual heart of @Australia. From bush-walking and segways to helicopter rides, bush tucker and dining under the stars, there's something for everyone. ​Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @erinoutdoors. ​#SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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Is there anything sweeter than a two for one deal? @seeseaimages captured this stunning shot of both #Uluru and #KataTjuta (#TheOlgas) on a scenic flight with @ayersrockhelicopters 🚁 Even if you've walked around @Australia's most famous natural landmarks, it's hard to fully appreciate their enormity until you've seen them from the air! Make sure to keep your camera close - as the sun sets over the outback landscape, these gigantic ochre-coloured rock formations will change colour before your very eyes 😍 Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, Craig. ​#SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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After a recent trip to the Red Centre, @melbourneiloveyou “knows he will return to this place” following an action-packed adventure with @intrepidtravel. Departing from #AliceSprings, this 4 day experience is great for those who are short on time but want to see as much as possible in central @Australia. You'll witness #Uluru at sunrise and sunset, wander through the gigantic domes of #KataTjuta and hike along the towering rim of #KingsCanyon. While by night, you'll get to sit around a fire under a blanket of stars before retiring to your permanent tent ✨⛺ ​This guided Red Centre taster is sure to leave you wanting more 🧡 Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, Chris! ​#SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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There is nothing quite like getting up close and personal with #Uluru... many people are surprised at just HOW big it really is! ✨ The base walk is one of the best ways to see it from every angle 🙌 We recommend you start your journey in the Mala carpark in the morning then follow the path around, stopping to marvel at the other-worldly beauty of each side of the rock. The loop walk is 10.6 kilometres in total, however it's broken into sections for those not keen to do the whole thing. The Mala walk section is only 2 kilometres return making it perfect for any age. There are free daily guided tours from the Mala carpark where rangers will stop to explain rock art, demonstrate the tools traditionally used by the Anangu people and tell you the Tjukurpa (creation stories) of many rock formations. However, if you would prefer to explore the trail by yourself, the area is well signed for self-guiding. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @jordhammond! ​#SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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