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Manton Dam Recreation Area

Built in 1942, Manton Dam was Darwin's first reliable water supply.

Today the dam is a pleasant destination for an easy day trip 70 kilometres south of Darwin, and is a popular recreation spot that is accessible year-round.

Manton Dam is a water sport enthusiast's paradise. Bring a powerboat and water skis and enjoy yourself in the powerboat and water ski zone. Please ensure you read the bylaws displayed at the boat ramp and ski beach. Canoeists, windsurfers and low-speed boaties can take an easier pace in the low speed zone.

Pack a picnic and make the most of the day - there are tables and barbecues in shady spots (BYO wood from outside the Park). Bring your fishing rod and try your luck - if it's a while between bites there are plenty of ducks and other wader species to spot while you enjoy a relaxing pause on the bank. Alongside the water species, birdwatchers will also be able to see many woodland species, as this habitat is part of the shoreline in many places. Reptiles and mammals have also been recorded in this area and form a large part of the fauna list for the Dam and its environs.

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