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Darwin & Surrounds

Map showing the Darwin and Surrounds region in the NT

Sail across the harbour from Darwin to the Tiwi Islands, glide across wetlands and spot local wildlife, or cool off under a waterfall in Litchfield National Park.

As the Northern Territory’s thriving capital, Darwin attracts travellers from all around the globe looking to experience its outdoor tropical lifestyle.

With waterfront dining, crocodile adventures, rich historical experiences, and access to the Tiwi Islands all within a few minutes of the city centre, there’s enough to do to fill a weekend or a week.

Litchfield National Park is just a 90 minute drive from Darwin and is a favourite for the locals year-round. It’s an easy day trip but with the range of swimming spots and waterfalls, it’s well worth staying overnight in one of the nearby accommodation options.

Explore the lush Mary River wetlands, a thriving microcosm of Top End wildlife, birds and fish. Located about an hour east of Darwin it is a good place to stop on your way to Kakadu National Park or for a day trip from the city.

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Keep an 👀 out for the Poinciana tree in @TourismTopEnd - they're only in full bloom for around 4-6 weeks usually during October-November! Commonly known as Flame trees, their bright red flowers are arguably one of the Top End's prettiest sights at this time of the year. You can spot them around #Darwin and surrounds 🧡😍 ​Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @akarshmohan! ​#SeeAustralia #TourismTopEnd

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Our mates at @cottonon are offering the trip of a lifetime for two people to the Top End, including return airfares and accommodation 🙌 You’ll get to stay at #Darwin’s iconic @mindilbeachresort, enjoy a helicopter ride over the breathtaking Nitmiluk Gorge with @nitmilukhelitouring, indulge in a sunset dinner cruise with @nitmiluktours and explore tropical hot springs, waterfalls and waterholes—and so much more. Click the link in our bio to enter or check out our story 👌 Open to AU + NZ only #NTaustralia

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#Darwin sure is strong in the sunset department! 💜 We're treated to awesome explosions of colour year round in the Top End but somehow the sunsets seem to get eveeeeen better as the tropical summer approaches. Any local will tell you that Mother Nature cranks it up a notch or two between November and April, when our cruisey capital city gets in the spirit of the tropics 🌴 ​Due to the size of Darwin's harbour (it's larger than Sydney's!), there are plenty of vantage points to take in the free afternoon show - the locals love Mindil Beach, @stokeshillwharf, East Point Reserve and Nightcliff Jetty 🙌 ​Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @lilynorth3! ​ #SeeAustralia #TourismTopEnd

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Keen for a day at the spa, NT style? Found in #Litchfield National Park, Buley Rockhole is a cascading collection of emerald rock pools that seem to go on forever.... so you can skip those expensive spa treatments and take a seat while fast flowing whitewater gives you a shoulder massage! If you're visiting the park, only 90 minutes south of #Darwin, make sure you also check out the iconic termite mounds and other swimming holes such as Florence Falls and Wangi Falls. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @powershala! ​#SeeAustralia #TourismTopEnd

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We wouldn't blame you for quietly contemplating quitting your job and hitting the road after seeing this photo! ​Katherine Hot Springs is actual paradise right on the doorstep of the small township of #Katherine, just 3 hours drive south of #Darwin. Best known for its Insta-worthy clear water and pandanus-lined pools, these secluded natural springs pump from deep within the earth at a mild temperature. Not only is this swimming spot ridiculously beautiful, but you can also grab a coffee just moments away at the nearby cafe or pop a picnic blanket down and relax in one of the grassy areas. Might be time to book some leave 😉 ​Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @withsaltypassports! ​#SeeAustralia #TourismTopEnd #VisitKatherine

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Just another wonder-fall in #Litchfield National Park 💦😉 @jake.applebee recently enjoyed some epic float time at magnificent Wangi Falls, one of the park's most spectacular swimming spots. With a massive emerald plunge pool, stunning rock formations, plenty of shade and scenic walking trails, it's not hard to see why these falls are serious holiday goals 🙌 #Darwin's nature playground, Litchfield, is only 90 minutes drive from the city and has all the amenities you need, including accommodation and camp grounds dotted throughout the park. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, Jake! ​#SeeAustralia #TourismTopEnd

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Can we just hit pause on this glorious show of colour?! 😍 Not visited by winter and with a relaxed, small-town feel, our stunning capital #Darwin is perched on a harbour fives times the size of Sydney’s. Famous for its multicultural food, outdoor markets, waterside attractions and warm holiday vibe year-round, it's hard not to fall in love with Darwin's easygoing lifestyle. If you're planning a visit, @MindilBeachResort is the ultimate escape with 30 acres of tropical gardens fringed by the crystal blue Arafura Sea. It's also well worth hiring a car or joining a tour to Litchfield National Park or Kakadu National Park - both are within 3 hours' drive of the city. Talk about nature right on your doorstep! Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, ​@ryanlampano. ​#SeeAustralia #TourismTopEnd

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Just 90 minutes' from #Darwin you'll find Buley Rockhole in #Litchfield National Park. Buley is insanely beautiful and has a collection of picture perfect rock holes for you to pick from 🌱💦 Like many places in the Top End, you'll easily lose track of time here when the serenity starts to sinks in. If you're still not convinced it's a must do, we'd better tell you that Florence Falls and Wangi Falls are only minutes away as well. It really is nature’s ultimate water park! Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @jake.applebee. ​#SeeAustralia #TourismTopEnd

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There's no better spot to spend your Sunday evening than the @MindilMarket 😍☀️ Watching the sun disappear into the ocean should be a rite of passage for all visitors to #Darwin! The city's best features - its relaxed atmosphere, Asian-inspired food and sunsets - meet in tropical harmony at these iconic markets every Thursday and Sunday evening. Wander the many eclectic stalls, take in the live entertainment, grab yourself a tasty laksa and then settle in for the main show on the beach 👌 ​Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia,! ​#SeeAustralia #TourismTopEnd

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