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Boulder Creek Walk

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If you are not up to the long walks, Boulder Creek is a nice little wet season walk where you may find banded fruit doves and spangled drongos.

Take a refreshing dip in the small rock pools in the gorge.

Plum Tree Creek near the start of this walk is just a sandy creek bed during the dry season. It is named after mindu, the billygoat plum. Birn-birndok (striated pardalotes) and wirrirtwirrirt (rainbow bee-eaters) nest in the banks of this creek.

After passing through open woodland the track leads to Boulder Creek, which is lined with a monsoon forest. Amongst the boulders are Garnbayn (fan palms). Listen and look for birds, like bukbuk (pheasant coucal).

Feel the texture of the large sandstone and conglomerate boulders along the creek. Millions of years ago, the fine-grained sandstone was deposited as sand and silt under slow moving water. Pebbly conglomerates were laid down in fast flood waters.

Follow the markers over the boulders across the creek and back to the carpark, or detour to the Yurmikmik Lookout.

2 kms return | 45 minutes

Moderate walk on a marked track

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