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Things to see around Darwin

See with your own eyes the refreshing waterfalls, lush waterholes, wandering wetlands and rust coloured roads of Darwin and surrounds.

Darwin is a city unlike any other. Here it won’t take you long to find a variety of enchanting landscapes which are different to anywhere else in Australia.

Litchfield National Park, Mary River National Park and the Tiwi Islands are only a short distance from the city centre and feature incredibly diverse landscapes combined with ancient aboriginal culture.

See exotic wildlife in their natural habitat as you cruise the wetlands through Corroboree Billabong. Part of Mary River National Park and home to the largest concentration of saltwater crocodiles in the world and an abundant variety of birds and other animals.

Feel cooling waters as you float in idyllic waterholes within Litchfield National Park. There is something so timeless about this land which can be harsh, but so magnificent.

Feel your cheeks hurt from smiling so much on a trip to the Tiwi Islands – also known as the ‘Island of Smiles’. Famous for art, culture and football, the Tiwi Islands are a fabulous place to immerse yourself in traditional rituals and the people who make this land come alive.

Discover for yourself the hidden gems of Darwin and surrounds.

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