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Note that restrictions apply to the purchase and public consumption of alcohol in the Northern Territory, but not to licensed restaurants, hotels or clubs.

Buying takeaway alcohol

Local restrictions can affect trading hours and the sale of some products at bottle shops. In some areas, including Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Katherine, the sale of takeaway alcohol is not permitted before 2pm on weekdays, and there are trading limitations on weekends. In most places, there are volume limitations on the purchase of cask and fortified wines, and in some areas, beer. For a full list of takeaway alcohol outlets in the NT visit

Banned Drinker Register

To buy takeaway alcohol anywhere in the Northern Territory, you need approved photo ID. You need to show one of these: Australian or most international driver's licences or passports.

For more information call 1800 BDR 226 or visit

Drinking in public places

Drinking in public is not permitted in Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Katherine, and some parts of Darwin. Across the Northern Territory, drinking is not permitted within 2km of any licensed premises.

Drinking in remote communities

Generally, takeaway alcohol is not permitted in remote Indigenous communities. In some regions a permit is required to buy alcohol.