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Territory Arts Trail

See the bigger picture on the Territory Arts Trail.

The Northern Territory is a 1.3 million square kilometre canvas where art comes to life.

While its home to the world’s oldest continuously living culture some 65,000 years in the making, the art created by the local Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory every day is surprisingly fresh, and sometimes quite unexpected.

The Territory Arts Trail connects art and cultural attractions, creating a rich, distinctive and unforgettable experience for tourists. Take part in demonstrations and workshops or visit art galleries and national parks to see rock art and paintings and historical artefacts – it’s where contemporary and traditional meet.

Here the art isn’t just on the walls, it is the walls. This is where a picture says a thousand words and the landscape is captured in colours. Some Galleries have wings, but ours lets you spread yours.

Open your eyes to an ancient indigenous culture, rich in story, dance and art.

See the bigger picture on the Territory Arts Trail.

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