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Litchfield National Park(リッチフィールド国立公園)

霧がかかった滝や瑞々しい水流を探索し、4WD で森林の中を滑走しましょう、あるいは歩いてゆったりとしたペースでLitchfield National Park(リッチフィールド国立公園)を彷徨いましょう。

リアルのアドベンチャーに出発する準備を整え、Litchfield National Park(リッチフィールド国立公園)で自然を堪能しましょう。ダーウィンからわずか1時間で、滝、湿地帯、低木地帯のピクニック、四駆ドライブ、鳥や野生生態などの地元の見所を訪れることができます。


フローレンスやワンギの壮麗な泉で溢れた滝の下の水晶のように透明な水流に飛び込んだり、あるいはBuley Rockhole(バレー・ロックフォール)の熱帯雨林でグラデーションされた優美な3層のカスケードに浸ったりしましょう。

水に濡れたくない方々であれば、シプレスパインやソテツの森を少し歩くと高所のTolmer Falls(トルマー滝)に辿り着くことができます。眼下の赤色の断崖でできた洞窟には珍しいコウモリのコロニーが2つあります。


アウトドア用シューズの紐を締め、水着を装着して低木地帯を歩きましょう。壮大な39km に及ぶTabletop Track(テーブルトップ・トラック)や秘密の滝から可憐なWalker Creek(ウォーカー・クリーク)に沿った3.5km の静けさに満ちた小道まで、リッチフィールドには冒険心を刺激するルートがいくつかあります。

四駆を駆って「ロスト・シティ(失われた都市)」の砂岩遺跡群を探訪し、Tjaynera Falls(トジャイネラ滝)の秘密の滝壺で水浴をしたり、あるいはBlyth Homestead(ブライス・ホームステッド)の遺跡群でかつての開拓者たちの功績を再認識したりしましょう。シプレスパインを針金でまとめた構造物には1985年まで人が住んでいたと聞いてにわかに信じがたいと思うでしょう。


高さ2m の墓石が点在する「墓地」まで散策を楽しみましょう。壮麗なシロアリ塚があり、太陽を東に配置して灼熱の外界かに晒されず屋内を涼しく保とうと考案されている、アリたちの見事な建造物の技術を再認識しましょう。


  • インフォメーション




    • Barbeque
    • Cafe
    • Caravan / Camper Trailer / Campervan Sites / Campsites
    • Carpark
    • Coach Parking
    • Family Friendly
    • Food and Refreshments
    • Interpretive Centre
    • Kiosk
    • Lookouts
    • Picnic Area
    • Public Toilet


    • Birdwatching
    • Camping
    • Four Wheel Driving
    • Hiking
    • Scenic Drives
    • Swimming
    • Walks


    Disabled access available, contact operator for details.

  • 地図




    ドライブルート フライトルート
  • FAQs

    Can Litchfield be done as a day trip?

    Litchfield National Park is an excellent day trip destination from Darwin. There’s lots to see and do so it’s worth spending a couple of days, or making return visits. You can stay overnight in one of the many accommodation options around Batchelor, or camp in the park.


    Do I need any passes or permits to visit Litchfield?

    You don’t need a permit to enter Litchfield National Park. If you’re looking to stay in one of the camping areas, you may need to pay a fee on site.


    How do I get around Litchfield National Park?

    You’ll need to drive to get around Litchfield. We recommend hiring a car or taking a tour from Darwin. If you decide to drive yourself, keep in mind that some areas can only be reached by 4WD.

    While you’re in the area, Berry Springs is less than an hour’s drive away and is a great spot to stop for a picnic.


    How do I get to Litchfield National Park?

    Litchfield is a comfortable 90 minute drive south from Darwin along a sealed road. You can also base yourself in the nearby town of Batchelor, or drive north along the Stuart Highway from Katherine.

    If you’d prefer to leave the driving to someone else, there are plenty of tour companies operating out of Darwin with regular trips to Litchfield.


    How far is Litchfield National Park from Darwin?

    Litchfield National Park is a comfortable 90 minute drive (115km) from Darwin on a sealed road. Don’t forget to stop for a rest and refreshments at the nearby town of Batchelor.


    What are the major attractions in Litchfield?

    Litchfield is a great place to visit for treks, tours, swimming and sightseeing. Popular attractions include the waterfalls at Wangi, Florence and Tjaynera/Sandy Creek Falls, take a dip at Buley Rockhole, or explore the Lost City by 4WD. Walk around the giant Magnetic Termite Mounds. If you're feeling really adventurous, take a helicopter tour and see the splendour from the air.


    What should I bring to Litchfield?

    Bring a hat, water, sunscreen and insect repellant. A small first-aid kit can also come in handy.

    The park’s swimming holes are fun for the whole family, so you may like to bring swimwear, towels, goggles, and an underwater camera. Make sure to only swim where signs indicate it’s safe to do so.

    You can pack a picnic, or buy food in Batchelor and at Wangi Falls. Remember to bring a bag or two for your rubbish as there are no bins within the park.


    When is the best time to visit Litchfield?

    The best time to experience everything that Litchfield National Park has to offer is May to October – the weather is dry and pleasant and all roads are usually open. Litchfield is generally accessible year-round, and there’s nothing like seeing the waterfalls in all their glory from November to April.


    Where should I go next from Litchfield National Park?

    After Litchfield you can head east to Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land. Head north to Darwin and Berry Springs. Alternatively, head south to Katherine, where you can explore Nitmiluk National Park and Nitmiluk Gorge.