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ダーウィンから海路でアクセスして美しいティウィ諸島を探索し、「Island of Smiles(微笑みの島)」と称される所以を認識しましょう。

ティウィ諸島は伝統的な生活様式、芸能AFL(オーストラリアン・フットボール)の熱気で有名です。ダーウィンからティウィ諸島へ終日ツアーに出掛けて「Island of Smiles(微笑みの島)」と称される所以を認識しましょう。

ティウィ諸島はBathurst(バサースト)とMelville(メルヴィル)という2つの島から成り、ダーウィンの北80km に位置します。



セールの実施場所はTiwi Design Art Centre(ティウィ・デザイン・アートセンター)で、Melville(メルヴィル)島のJilamara Arts(ジラマラ美術)やMunupi Arts and Crafts(ムニュピ美術や民芸)の工芸品や民芸品のギャラリーが併設されています。






ティウィの年長の女性たちから構成される「morning tea ladies(モーニングティー・レディース)と同席して熱くて香ばしいお茶を堪能しましょう。パンダーヌスの織り方を学んで地元民の日常生活をちょっぴり体感しましょう。その後、舞踊と喫煙の儀式を鑑賞して伝統儀式に秘められた意義を認識しましょう。






地元の「先住民」ガイド同行のツアーに参加して熱帯雨林、粘土のような断崖、白砂のビーチ、うっそうとしたジャングル、魅惑的な岩の水場まで島の多様な地形を探索しましょう。Tomorapi Falls(トモラピ滝)の透明で木陰の気持ちの良い水場で泳ぎましょう。


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  • FAQS

    Can the Tiwi Islands be done as a day trip?

    Yes you can, there are two main day trip options from Darwin to visit the Tiwi Islands. A flying tour will give you more time on the islands, although the ferry is an excellent way to see the coastline and give yourself a different perspective of Darwin.


    Do I need any passes or permits to visit the Tiwi Islands?

    The Tiwi Islands are Aboriginal land, and all visitors are required to have a permit. If you're travelling on a tour your permit will be arranged by the tour operator. Visitors who are not part of a tour are required to be hosted by a resident who will arrange permits on their behalf. Visit the Tiwi Land Council's website for more information.


    How do I get around the Tiwi Islands?

    The Tiwi Islands are made up of Bathurst and Melville Islands, the latter of which is Australia’s second largest after Tasmania. The Tiwi Islands are only accessible on a tour - your tour operator will arrange the transport, so you can sit back and relax. A range of touring options are available and include bus, car, boat and light aircraft.


    How do I get to the Tiwi Islands?

    The Tiwi Islands are 80km north of Darwin, to visit the islands you will need a permit. Tours from Darwin include light aircraft flights or a ferry ride with Sealink Northern Territory. The flying time to Bathurst Island is 20 minutes, and the ferry ride takes 2.5 hours. Be sure to check timetables well in advance.


    How far are the Tiwi Islands from Darwin?

    The main community of Wurrumiyanga on Bathurst Island is 80km from Darwin, which is a 20 minute flight by light aircraft or 2.5 hour ferry ride. The communities of Milikapiti and Pirlangimpi on Melville island are 130 km from Darwin, which is approximately 40 minutes flying time.


    What are the major attractions at the Tiwi Islands?

    All year round, the Tiwi Islands offer an authentic insight into one of the most fascinating examples of Aboriginal culture Australia has to offer. Visit community art centres which feature contemporary Aboriginal art works including wood carvings, pottery, screen printed fabrics and impressive works on canvas. The Patakijiyali Museum uncovers the rich cultural history of the Tiwi people, along with photographs and stories about the modern history of the islands. The Islands are also a prime fishing spot, with many Darwin-based fishing operators offering extended tours to the region.


    What should I bring with me to the Tiwi Islands?

    When heading to the Tiwi Islands, don't forget to bring your hat, drinking water, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and comfortable clothing and footwear.


    When is the best time to visit the Tiwi Islands?

    Day tours operate Monday to Friday, April to November. The annual Tiwi Islands Football Grand Final and Art Sale event takes place in March each year and is a great opportunity to see an iconic game of Australian rules football. You'll also have the chance to scoop up some unique pieces of Aboriginal art.


    Where should I go next from the Tiwi Islands?

    Once you've explored Bathurst and Melville Islands, check out the wilderness of Kakadu National Park or continue your cultural learnings in the off-the-beaten-path paradise of Arnhem Land.