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The Lost City - Litchfield National Park

The Lost City is a series of large sandstone outcrops that evoke the remains of an ancient civilisation.

A spectacular sight, this landmark is located in a remote and hard to access area in Litchfield National Park, just over an hour's drive from Darwin.

Experienced four-wheel drivers will have their skills tested on the 10 kilometre track into The Lost City. Marvel at this natural structure formed by thousands of years of wind and rain erosion, whose walls, narrow passages and domes give the impression that they were man made. Be astounded at the extensive nature of this formation, the complex freestanding sandstone block and pillar formations of the Lost City are spread over an area the size of a small town, and look like the ruins of a city with a maze of narrow alleys. Lay your hand against a sandstone wall that is estimated to be over 500 million years old.

The track to The Lost City is extremely rocky and rough, and regularly impassable in the wet season. Only people experienced in handling four-wheel drive vehicles should attempt the journey to The Lost City. The approach road is single-lane and leads past numerous termite mounds.

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