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Mountain biking & cycling

Ride the best mountain biking (MTB) tracks in Australia and experience diverse natural surrounds of the Northern Territory.

To really experience the natural surroundings of the Northern Territory you might want to get off-road and get on-track. There's no better way to immerse yourself in the environment than to hit the Territory’s many cycling and mountain bike trails. Absorb spectacular scenery with a peace and quiet that can only enhance the remote and breathtaking landscapes.

Alice Springs

Think that Alice Springs is all pancake flat terrain and red dust as far as the eye can see? You couldn't be more wrong: Alice Springs is a mountain biker's paradise. A quirky town where the weather is perfect and sunny and the trails are accessible all year round. The Alice is open and ready to ride and the landscape is staggeringly beautiful. You can hit the trails within an hour of landing.

New trails coming online July 2018! Stay tuned for further updates.


The flat landscape is punctuated with the enormous monolith of Uluru, with wide paths leading around the base of the rock. Stop along the way for amazing views, interpretive signs that explain the cultural significance of the region, and marvel at the sheer size and breathtaking beauty of this natural icon. You can hire bikes from the Cultural Centre to take on this enjoyable green circle ride.


Darwin is home to a variety of sealed and unsealed cycle paths designed to give you access to the town’s stunning nature parks and reserves. The path from Rapid Creek Bridge to Dripstone Park takes you through the sandy beaches, sandstone cliffs and shady casuarina trees on the estuaries of the Casuarina Coastal Reserve.

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