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People air boating down Mary River National Park



シェイディーキャンプの展望台にアクセスして上流を見ると、メアリー川のこの一帯を故郷と呼ぶ多くの大きなワニの1つを見つけることができます。ふさわしい名前のバードビラボンの水際にある展望台から鳥の生活に驚嘆するか、ビラボン自体への散歩道をたどります。ミスビラボンの展望台にアクセスして、目の前で繰り広げられる水上生活をご覧ください。 Couzens Lookoutに立ち寄って、周囲の素晴らしい写真撮影の機会と壮大な最高の夕日を眺めたり、ブライアンクリークモンスーンの森を訪れて、周囲の森林と強く対照的な多様なモンスーンジャングルを見てください。



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    • Indicative Prices$10.00から$60.00へのチケット
      Park entry fees - Parks Pass applies. (NT residents exempt). Camping fees apply to all visitors.
    • Child$5.00から$30.00へのチケット
      Park entry fees - Parks Pass applies. (NT residents exempt). Camping fees apply to all visitors.


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    • ボート施設
    • キャラバン/カンペールトレーラー/キャンパーバンサイト/キャンプ場
    • 駐車場
    • 展望台
    • ピクニックエリア
    • 公衆便所


    • バードウォッチング
    • 舟遊び
    • キャンプ
    • 釣り
    • 四輪ドライビング
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    What’s nearby

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  • Map


    What’s nearby

    What’s nearby

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  • FAQs

    Can Mary River be done as a day trip?

    Being so close to Darwin, it's certainly possible to do Mary River as a one-day adventure. There are a number of tour operators who offer single and multi-day trips from Darwin to Mary River.


    Do I need any passes or permits to visit Mary River?

    No permits or passes are required to visit Mary River.


    How do I get around Mary River?

    Mary River National Park is famous for its wetlands and rivers, so a boat is the best way to see all the highlights. Another option is to take an airboating tour. There are a number of tour operators who can take you through the region.


    How do I get to Mary River?

    Mary River National Park is a one-hour drive from Darwin along sealed roads. Leave Darwin along the Stuart Highway and turn left on to the Arnhem Highway. You might also like to choose from one of the tour options to get you there.


    How far is Mary River from Darwin?

    Mary River is about 1.5 hours' drive east of Darwin (150 km), and a 1.5 hour drive (140 km) west of Jabiru.


    What are the major attractions at Mary River?

    Mary River is known for its vibrant birdlife, stunning wetlands, excellent fishing and abundant wildlife. Fish, reptiles, mammals and birds live side-by-side; it's literally teeming with life. Enjoy an airboat tour, helicopter ride or 4WD adventure. Try fishing for barramundi at Corroboree Billabong and Shady Camp.


    What should I bring with me to Mary River?

    While the Mary River is not too far from Darwin, it's important to take proper precautions. If driving, carry drinking water, a first-aid kit and make sure the petrol tank is full. Sun protection, insect repellant, and appropriate footwear are essential. Fishing gear is a must for anyone keen on snagging a few barramundi, and avid birdwatchers should bring a pair of binoculars.


    When is the best time to visit Mary River?

    Mary River is in the middle of the Top End, so you'll find May to October when the weather is dry and warm is the best time to get full access. There's nothing like experiencing the luscious wetlands from November to April. The 'run-off' from February to April is the peak season and the best time to reel in some barramundi. Tours and accommodation are available all year round.


    Where should I go next from Mary River?

    Mary River is the gateway to Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land. If you've come from Darwin head on to see Jabiru, Gunlom, Jim Jim Falls, Yellow Water, the Ubirr Rock Art Site and other stunning attractions in Kakadu National Park. Arnhem Land is also accessible from the Mary River region but you will need a permit to enter the area.