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Outback Ballooning take off Alice Springs

Volo in mongolfiera

Fluttua nel cielo su una mongolfiera e vedi forme e colori del paesaggio che prendono vita: una nuova prospettiva del Territory.

For a uniquely peaceful aerial perspective on the Territory why not try hot air ballooning? These majestic orbs float across the sky, gently riding the calm winds. Balloon tours travel around Alice Springs and the MacDonnell Ranges.

Tours begin with a road-trip in the cool predawn from your accommodation to the launch site. Stand under clear star-filled skies while the balloons are inflated then begin your ascent with the sun rising over the magnificent MacDonnell Ranges.

A 3-D palette

Luminous colours and shapes spring up from beneath while you glide across the vivid panorama. Wildlife, as fascinated by you as you are by them, burst into action as you drift across places barely touched by roads. Upon landing, join the crew and learn how to pack the balloon, or simply settle in for a champagne breakfast.

Flights and weather

30-minute and 60-minute flights are available over Alice Springs. If you prefer to stay closer to the ground there’s also a ‘chase and breakfast’ tour available, which follows the balloons to meet passengers at the landing site for breakfast.

The Territory enjoys very reliable weather conditions and therefore very few weather cancellations occur. However, as safety is the primary concern of tour operators, cancellations can happen occasionally, so be sure to check the operator’s cancellation policies.

Gite in mongolfiera nel Northern Territory