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Chris Barns ('Brolga'), aka Kangaroo Dundee, cuddling a red kangaroo.
A kangaroo joey stares into the camera.
Visitors feed a kangaroo joey.


カンガルーに会える!カンガルー保護区アリス スプリングスは、188 エーカーの広大なカンガルー保護区で、孤児のカンガルーの赤ちゃんを救出し、育てています。

ガイド付きサンセット ツアーを開催しており、訪問者は自然の低木地帯でカンガルーについて学び、体験し、間近で楽しむことができます。カンガルーはオーストラリアを象徴する動物です。ツアーは日没時に行われ、事前予約が必要です。

  • Tours

    Guided Sunset Tour of The Kangaroo Sanctuary

    Meet the kangaroos up close!

    The Kangaroo Sanctuary is a place to celebrate the beauty of the red kangaroo – an Australian icon.

    The Sanctuary is located just outside Alice Springs (right in the centre of Australia) and is home to Brolga and Tahnee’s kangaroo family as seen on Kangaroo Dundee (a BBC / National Geographic documentary). On the guided sunset tour you will experience a leisurely walk through the Sanctuary’s 188 acre wildlife reserve where you might meet the kangaroo characters from Kangaroo Dundee and many others.

    The kangaroos come first, and because kangaroos sleep during the day they don’t disturb them. This is why the guided tours are in the late afternoon…just when the kangaroos are starting to wake from their day-time sleep.

    The Sanctuary can only be visited on a pre-booked tour. The tour is about 2.5-3 hours. Bus transfers to and from the Sanctuary are provided. Select the closest pick-up point to your accommodation. They recommend booking in advance because the tours sell out fast!

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