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Trek Larapinta Volunteer Project - Larapinta Trail maintenance

Please contact Trek Larapinta with expressions of interest.

We welcome enquires from individuals, schools, groups and organisations

These projects will be conducted in conjunction with Parks and Wildlife and other land management organisations. You will work closely with the land managers and be provided with an opportunity to have a unique experience within some of these protected areas.

Many people who have travelled through Central Australia or walked the Larapinta Trail have expressed a desire to return and experience it in a new and often giving way. Whether this is your first time or you've been before, active participation in one of these projects is sure to be a memorable and rewarding way to experience this land.

The cost of the trip covers expenses with a donation made to the Friends of the Larapinta Trail. To date Trek Larapinta has donated over $3,000 to the Friends of the Larpainta Trail, with these funds being used to purchase trail maintenance equipment, refreshments for volunteers at working bees and the funding of public liability insurance for the association.