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River and Reef Fishing Charters


ノーザンテリトリーのダーウィンを拠点に、1 日から 1 週間のガイド付き釣りツアーを提供しています。


- ランオフバラ釣り

- ライトタックルスポーツフィッシング

- 海水バラ釣り

- 沿岸サンゴ礁での釣り

- ビラボン・バラ・フィッシング

  • Tours

    1 Day Saltwater Barra Fishing

    When tides suit, River & Reef Fishing Charters prefer to spend time chasing saltwater Barra, Barramundi fishing saltwater tidal creeks and mangrove lined estuaries, sight casting to Barra hunting the flats or the thrill of casting to a big Barra located on live target sonar is what they love and love to show their clients what it is all about.

    Most locations are within 2 hours drive from Darwin, some are just on Darwin's doorstep.

    - Bynoe Harbour
    - Shoal Bay
    - Dundee Beach area
    - Shady Camp

    Run Off Barra Fishing - Multi Day Tour

    The Run Off is one of the best times of the year to get into some serious Barramundi Fishing. Occurring at the end of the wet season when the floodplains are draining into the big rivers, Barramundi congregate at these Run Off locations for an easy feed. This congregation of Barra makes it easier than other times of the year to find the fish, this also offers one of the better opportunities to tangle with a trophy Barramundi over the magic metre mark.

    When Run Off Barramundi fishing we concentrate on the Mary River at Shady Camp but may change location if conditions dictate.

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    What’s nearby

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