Sandy Creek Falls (Tjaynera Falls)
Tableland creek landscape near the big falls

リッチフィールド国立公園 – ノートレース・ブッシュウォーキング・オーストラリア

Notraces は、リッチフィールド国立公園でコース外のブッシュウォーキング ツアーを企画しています。

他の人が行かない場所に行きましょう。 Notraces ツアーは一年中開催されています。 3 日間の短いウォーキングから、9 日間の広範囲にわたる探索ウォーキングまで、お選びいただけます。

3 日間のツアーでは、短時間でもリッチフィールド国立公園の風景や自然のプールをゆっくりと楽しむことができます。オーストラリア北部でコース外のブッシュウォーキングを体験したい人にとっても素晴らしい入門編です。他の人が行かない場所に行き、あまり知られていない文化的名所や自然のプールを発見してください。

9 日間のツアーでは、象徴的なジャイネラ滝からテーブルランド滝まで、リッチフィールド国立公園のあまり人が訪れないエリアへご案内します。小川、泳げる穴、滝、渓谷などの手つかずの世界を探検してください。星空の下、滝のそばやサバンナでキャンプをしましょう。



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  • Tours

    Litchfield 3 Day Bushwalking Tour

    From Friday to Sunday or on request. Great for families.

    This tour allows those who have a short time to enjoy the landscapes and natural pools of Litchfield National Park. It is also a great introduction for those who want to experience off-track bushwalking in Northern Australia.

    On the first day, you reach the starting point at Sandy Creek, swim in the majestic Tjaynera Falls basin and then walk to the camp located near a small waterfall. This is base camp for both nights.

    The second day you will explore the surroundings area in search of rock art sites. In the afternoon, return to camp by swimming. The river with turquoise waters flows slowly through small gorges with a serene atmosphere, forming long pools. You don't need to be a good swimmer.

    On the third day, reach the dizzying heights of Tjaynera Falls and swim in a pool with a view of the Litchfield plains. Then resume the walk to a fantastic lookout.

    Litchfield 9 Day Tour

    Explore a world of creeks, swimming holes, cascades and gorges.

    The 9 day dry season tour will lead you to the less travelled parts of Litchfield National Park from the iconic Tjaynera Falls to Tableland falls. Camp under the stars beside the waterfalls or in the savannah.
    "Bushswim" through gorges, with your pack well protected in a dry bag. "Bush swimming" is rambling by swimming instead of walking, It is fun and it opens your mind to explore the country from a different perspective. You will be provided with the right equipment to keep your pack dry.

    The 9 days Wet Season exploratory tour will allow you to discover the heart of the park during the Wet Season in Northern Australia.
    Walk through the savannah and the rainforest through the lush green landscape, admiring the ragging creeks and the powerful waterfalls that are normally out of range. "Bushswim" along quieter gorges in the rainy crystal waters.

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