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Walking & hiking around Alice Springs

Discover picturesque gorges, lush watering holes and striking red desert. From short walks to overnight trails, Alice Springs has got you covered.

Experience the region’s colourful landscapes and unique wildlife on a trek through Central Australia. From short walks to overnight trails, the Alice Springs area offers the chance to discover picturesque gorges, lush watering holes and striking red desert.

On the trail

Tackle the breathtaking Larapinta Trail, one of the world’s best walking trails, and voted by National Geographic as one of the top 20 trekking experiences to be had on the planet. Hike for seven days or one.

Take in the spectacular landforms of the West MacDonnell Ranges. Walk to a local watering hole and take a dip, or camp beside an open fire and gaze up at the night sky.

Ghost gums and gorges

The West MacDonnell Ranges and Finke Gorge National Parks are also great places for day hikes. Head out on a guided tour and learn about the local Western Arrernte Aboriginal culture.

The Ormiston Gorge day walk is another popular way to spend an afternoon. Located 135km from Alice Springs it’s well worth the trip. Walk up to the top of the bluff to where a single ghost gum looks out over the ancient red rocks.

Corroboree Rock

42km east of Alice Springs is the striking dolomite outcrop in the Corroboree Rock Conservation Reserve, a sacred site for the local Western Arrernte people. Take a walk around the base of the rock formations, but please respect the traditional owners and confine yourself to the marked areas.

Around town

If you want a short walk or maybe even a stroll, Alice Springs township offers cultural tours and a must-see botanic garden. It is a lively town full of things to see and places to go. You’ll find the locals to be relaxed and friendly, and always keen for a chat.

Walking & hiking trails around Alice Springs

Walking & hiking tours around Alice Springs