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Aerial view of Kakadu National Park seen during a scenic flight

Nature & wildlife in Kakadu

Wander through the floodplains, billabongs and rugged stone country of Kakadu and Arnhem Land, home to countless animals and over 2000 plant species.

Discover a World Heritage-listed national park fed by pristine river systems and alive with the calls of over 280 bird species. From floodplains and billabongs to rugged stone country, the diverse landscapes of Kakadu and Arnhem Land are home to one fifth of Australia’s mammals and over 2000 plant species.

Wet and dry

The biodiversity of Kakadu National Park’s internationally recognised wetlands has to be witnessed first hand. In the wet season the floodplains surge, creating a spectacle of colour and wildlife. In the drier months, constricting habitats create a flurry of bird activity at places like the famous Mamukala wetlands.

Specially designed bird hides offer rare views of an aquatic wonderland where thousands of migratory magpie geese flourish. Hit the boardwalk and venture into the floodplains to see jacana, egrets and jabiru from the viewing platform on Home Billabong.

Billabong Culture

Kakadu is alive with billabongs. The best known of these is Yellow Water. Take a boat cruise to spot mighty saltwater crocodiles hiding amongst spectacular pink waterlilies, and see pandanus and paperbark lining the bank. Local indigenous guides offer an insight into how the billabong’s flora and fauna have sustained the Bininj/Munnguy way of life for thousands of years.

Stone free

Kakadu’s rugged stone country borders the remote wilderness of Arnhem Land and provides awesome views for the intrepid hiker. This rocky landscape stretches from Ubirr in the north to Nourlangie in the south and features ancient Aboriginal rock art.

This rugged terrain is also home to endemic bird species like the hooded parrot that lays its eggs in the large termite mounds of the region. The black wallaroo and the giant cave gecko are other locals that like to stay close to home.

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