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Uluru & Surrounds

Map showing the Uluru and Surrounds region in the Northern Territory

Considered the spiritual heart of Australia, this region's gem is Uluru/Ayers Rock, but it also offers visitors so much more, and is only a few hours from Sydney.

Get ready to be blown away by World Heritage-listed natural wonders, iconic wildlife and the red dirt of the Australian Outback. The Uluru region is home to two of Australia's most famous rock formations, a mighty canyon and an ancient indigenous culture rich in story, dance and art.

Top 10 region awarded to The Red Centre, Australia. Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2019

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The long weekend is finally here and we're treating ourselves to a warm bath and some spectacular scenery 😍 After visiting @Longitude131, @julietkinsman declared the @luxurylodgesofaustralia retreat “one of the most special hotels in the world”, and with views like this, there’s no doubt about it. This unique resort in the heart of the Red Centre directly overlooks the iconic #Uluru, and the floor-to-ceiling windows here mean you get to make the most of this incredible sight, even in the bathroom! Sleep soundly by night in one of 16 luxurious tented pavilions, and explore @visitcentralaus by day on guided tours arranged by the resort. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, Juliet. #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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What a whooper of a view, or should we say Walpa of a view! You’ll feel instantly at peace when you enter the beautiful Walpa Gorge 🙌 These towering ochre-coloured domes make up #KataTjuta (#TheOlgas), a large rock formation spread over an area of more than 20 kilometres, roughly 30 kilometres from #Uluru. The 2.6 kilometre walk through Walpa Gorge is one of the shorter and easier trails, but if you're looking for a challenge, we suggest the Valley of the Winds walk which will take you on a circuit of a few of the domes. Towards the end of the day, head to the Kata Tjuta sunset viewing area and soak in the changing colours of the domes and the desert sky. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @traveloutbackaustralia. #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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#Uluru is impressive to see during the daylight hours, but it's almost magical at sunset ✨ This picture-perfect Red Centre icon isn’t just lovely to look at, it also holds great spiritual and cultural significance for the local Aboriginal traditional owners. Join a cultural experience tour with @exploreuluru or @seitoutbackaustralia and learn more about the history behind this special part of @visitcentralaus from knowledgeable guides. Tip: This impressive rock formation changes colours all the time, depending on the time of day and brightness of the sky, so we highly recommend visiting the different viewing platforms at sunrise and sunset to experience this magic for yourself.  Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @felix__hasler!  #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT #SeeUluru

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Can you guess where this is? That's right... you're looking at an incredibly unique view of #Uluru 🙌 One of the great natural wonders of the world, Uluru towers above the surrounding landscape. While this iconic monolith looks incredible at any time of the day, golden hour is particularly special. As the sun hits it on its way down, the colour of the rock changes from a sizzling red to burnt orange to a deep purple as the light fades. Please note: @saltywings obtained special permission from @seeuluru and Traditional Owners to use a drone within the national park. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @saltywings!  #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT #SeeUluru

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This is what peak hour looks like in the Red Centre 😜 Sunset, camels and #KataTjuta (#TheOlgas) in the distance... it doesn't get much more outback than this! @ulurucameltours' safaris are practically a rite of passage in central @Australia with unforgettable views of #Uluru and Kata Tjuta as they glow and change colour. Take the reigns and choose from short, sunrise or sunset rides 🐪 Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @hm_smyth! #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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There's something about watching the sun come up in the Red Centre 🧡 @patterson_nate captured this magnificent display of colour just outside Yulara, #Uluru's main township. Experiencing sunrise and sunset in the spiritual heart of @Australia is almost a rite of passage for anyone venturing to Uluru. There are a number of dedicated viewing areas throughout the national park that offer some of the best vantage points for seeing and photographing this beautiful scene. The colours of the outback are constantly changing - you’ll soon find out that no two daily shows are the same! Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, Nate. #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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It's not hard to see why the Rim Walk at #KingsCanyon is one of the most famous hikes in the Red Centre! The six kilometre circuit walk traces the rim of the canyon for much of the hike before descending into the lush 'Garden of Eden' and back up to the top again through the intriguing sandstone domes of the 'Lost City'. Located in Watarrka National Park, roughly halfway between #Uluru and #AliceSprings, Kings Canyon is one of the many must-do stops along the iconic Red Centre Way drive route. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @anaisplr! #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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We're coming to you from golden hour at #Uluru 🙌 There are lots of ways to experience this ochre-coloured monolith at #sunset... atop a camel on a red sand dune, up close along the base walk or at one of the viewing areas with a glass of sparkling wine in hand. And, that's just to name a few! However, one of the best views has to be from a helicopter on a scenic flight - just ask @saltywings who captured this magnificent photo 🧡 Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @saltywings! #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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Wow. Just WOW 🙌 The ancient red rock formations of #KataTjuta (#TheOlgas) rise seemingly out of nowhere from the dusty land. From a distance it may look like one single rock, but it's actually a group of 36 domes that sit shoulder to shoulder and form a spectacular and unique configuration of deep valleys and steep gorges spread over more than 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) Kata Tjuta is a Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal word meaning "many heads". Roughly 35 kilometres west of #Uluru, you can see them up close along one of the walking trails or from a helicopter on a scenic flight. Kata Tjuta looks particularly beautiful at sunset 🧡 Please note: @saltywings obtained special permission from @seeuluru and Traditional Owners to use drones within the national park. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @saltywings!  #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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