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Uluru & Surrounds

Map showing the Uluru and Surrounds region in the Northern Territory

Considered the spiritual heart of Australia, this region's gem is Uluru/Ayers Rock, but it also offers visitors so much more, and is only a few hours from Sydney.

Get ready to be blown away by World Heritage-listed natural wonders, iconic wildlife and the red dirt of the Australian Outback. The Uluru region is home to two of Australia's most famous rock formations, a mighty canyon and an ancient indigenous culture rich in story, dance and art.

Top 10 region awarded to The Red Centre, Australia. Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2019

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The hills are alive with... golden light 💛 Watarrka National Park, located roughly halfway between #AliceSprings and Uluru, is home to the George Gill Range and protects one of @Australia’s most stunning natural environments. The ranges rise out of the desert like the walls of a once-strong fortress! Time has shaped its sandstone sides, having battled the elements for more than 300 million years 🙌 The region's shining star is #KingsCanyon, a deep chasm with sheer sandstone cliffs. You can hike around its rim, or walk along the canyon floor, but the best way to get a broader view of the wider area is with a scenic helicopter tour. @Professional_Helicopters offer a few different options including the popular sunset flight! Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @shaun_jeffers.  #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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Grab your best hiking boots and head to the spectacular gorge country of Judburra / Gregory National Park, the second largest park in the NT. With significant traces of Aboriginal culture, European exploration and pastoral history, it's a haven for adventurers. Everything in this part of the Victoria River District is big, including the barramundi, the landscape and the fun challenges on the many four-wheel drive tracks throughout the area. Camping is the only form of accommodation within the national park with free campgrounds available in a number of places. Judburra/Gregory can be reached via the Victoria Highway from Katherine and Kununurra, or via the unsealed Buntine and Buchanan Highways. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @bertnol! #SeeAustralia #TourismTopEnd

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@scottypass described Bitter Springs as “our own little oasis in the middle of the desert." 🤩 As you can see, the NT's not all red sand and arid landscapes! You'll find this spring-fed thermal pool hidden amongst tropical woodlands in Elsey National Park just outside the small town of #Mataranka. Discovered by surveyors for the Overland Telegraph Line in the late 1800's, the park was made famous in Jeannie Gunn's popular novel 'We of the Never Never'. Be sure to bring some goggles and a swimming noodle - the soft current will gently take you a hundred metres or so downstream before you reach a ladder, where you can hop out and do it all again! Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, Scott. #SeeAustralia #TourismTopEnd

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Dracarys! 🔥 Don’t despair @gameofthrones fans...while the TV show might be over, you can still meet real-life "dragons" in @VisitCentralAus 😜 Thorny Devils (also known as mountain devils or thorny lizards) are day-active, ant-eating reptiles that grow 20cm long and can live 20 years. When they locate a trail of ants they lick them up with their short, sticky tongue... scientists calculate that Thorny Devil's might eat a thousand or more ants in a single meal 😮 The @AliceSpringsDesertPark currently have two on display in the Nocturnal House, otherwise, it's possible to see them sometimes in the wild in Central @Australia! Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @benrmphotos. #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT #GameOfThrones

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#Litchfield National Park is a land shaped by water 💦 Over the millennia, the relentless flow has created a dramatic landscape of sheer escarpments and deep gorges, not to mention some of the most inviting swimming spots in the Top End...including stunning Florence Falls! Take a couple of days to explore the 1,500 square kilometre park, studded with hiking trails, gushing cascades and croc-free waterholes - there's plenty of see! Located just 90 minutes' south of #Darwin, many of the park's freshwater swimming holes have now re-opened for the dry season and almost all are accessible by conventional two-wheel drive vehicle. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @robmulally! #SeeAustralia #TourismTopEnd

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When the light is just right! 💜 Massive geological forces created the towering red walls of Ormiston Gorge and Pound, located within the West MacDonnell National Park, 135 kilometres west of #AliceSprings. The best way to describe the ‘Pound’ is as a huge amphitheatre surrounded by hills and ridges 🙌 The 7 kilometre long Pound walk takes you on a full circuit from the visitor centre across the rocky slopes, onto the flat floor of the pound and returns along the gorge via the main waterhole. Whether you're looking for just a day walk or are hiking the more challenging Larapinta Trail, we guarantee this spectacular trail will take your breath away! Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @dubstamatic.  #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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The lovely @MargotRobbie ventured to the Red Centre this week for the ultimate outback adventure, including a visit to #Uluru and a trip on #TheGhan 🙌 According to Margot, there's no need for filters - “it's just that beautiful out here". We can't argue with that! #NTaustralia #SeeAustralia

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Flying high over ancient #Kakadu National Park ✨ 🚁 From this spectacular vantage point you’ll see the most astonishing side of @Australia's largest national park... ancient sandstone plateaus, sheer escarpments, endless savannah forest, white sand beaches, winding rivers and expanses of floodplains. One of Kakadu's most impressive waterfalls, Jim Jim Falls is a sight to behold year round whether it's in full flow or reduced to a trickle during the drier months (April-September). With the dry season having just begun in the Top End, ground access will soon be available again for travellers wanting to visit these falls. Tip: You'll need a four-wheel drive to get to Jim Jim! Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @jasoncharleshill. #SeeAustralia #TourismTopEnd #SeeKakadu

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We've hit the road... next stop: an epic Red Centre adventure 🙌 🚗 Central @Australia was made for road-trips with a number of exciting drive routes linking #AliceSprings, #Uluru, #KingsCanyon and the West MacDonnell Ranges. Whether you've hired a car or brought your own, happy to stay on sealed roads or keen to try a dirt track; there's something for everyone in the Aussie outback. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @beaumicheli! #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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