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东麦克唐奈尔山脉 (East MacDonnell Ranges)

东麦克唐奈山脉(East MacDonnell Ranges)是一个少为人知的瑰宝。

这座山脉坐落在爱丽斯泉以东,绵延100公里,拥有迷人的景色,是丛林徒步探险、露营和四驱驾驶的好去处。对于当地东阿伦特人而言,该地区是梦幻时代山脉的发祥地。艾米丽和杰西山峡(Emily and Jessie Gaps)、舞宴岩(Corroboree Rock)和恩德哈拉峡谷(N’Dhala Gorge)等地对于阿伦特人而言具有巨大的文化意义。这些文化圣地及其它景点(如特里非那峡谷(Trephina Gorge))的美景,使得东麦克唐奈山脉之旅成为游客难以忘怀的记忆。您可以将位于山脉东端的罗斯河度假酒店作为探索基地。这里有小屋和露营设施以及酒吧和饭店。

上世纪末,东麦克唐奈山脉是澳大利亚最偏僻之地,但是昙花一现的淘金热地区如今成为阿尔唐加历史保护区(Arltunga Historic Reserve)。这里有一处被遗废的城镇值得探索,包括采矿营地和旧矿井的遗迹。阿尔唐加布什酒吧(Arltunga Bush Pub)提供露营场地。第一次淘矿热发生在如今的红宝石峡谷国家公园(Ruby Gap Nature Park)所在地。正如曾经满怀希望的采矿者很快发现的那样,这些矿石只不过是石榴石,但是这里的风景是无价的。试试你的运气,参加一次寻宝之旅,出发点是长满刺槐的半沙漠地带中的绿洲——宝石树(Gemtree)。我们提供设备,经验丰富的导游向您展示寻宝的方式和地点,宝石树大篷车公园(Gemtree Caravan Park)提供小屋住宿。


  • 常见问题解答

    Can you camp in the East MacDonnell Ranges?

    Below is a list of camping spots in the East MacDonnell Ranges with various facilities:

    - Arltunga Hotel (not an operational hotel)

    - Ross River Homestead

    - Hale River Homestead

    - Trephina Gorge Nature Park

    - Gemtree Tourist park

    - Ruby Gap Nature Park (4WD only)

    - The Spotted Tiger campground – Harts Range

    - N'Dhala Gorge Nature Park


    How do you get to the East MacDonnell Ranges

    To get to the East MacDonnell Ranges, head south from Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway, through Heavitree Gap and continue onto the Ross Highway which is sealed and accessible via 2WD vehicles.


    What are the best things to see in the East MacDonnell Ranges?

    The Yeperenye, Emily and Jessie Gaps Nature Park is located just 15 minutes’ drive from Alice Springs via the Ross highway. At the nature park, you can have a picnic, watch native wildlife, or follow the walking tracks. One of the gaps, the Anthewerrke (Emily Gap) has a large rock painting there that portrays the Caterpillar Dreamtime story. Not far away is the Corroboree Rock, a spectacular cluster of dolomite pillars that holds scared importance to traditional owners. A further 30 km along Ross highway is Trephina Gorge Nature Park where you can explore its wide range of walks and other attractions such as swimming, camping, wildlife spotting and 4WD tracks. If you continue down Ross Highway (110 km from Alice Springs), you will come across the Arltunga Historical Reserve that is officially Central Australia’s first ghost town.


    What is special about the East MacDonnell Ranges?

    Although the East MacDonnell Ranges (‘East Macs’ to the locals) are lesser known than the West MacDonnell Ranges, it’s splendour is equally as intriguing with many natural beauties such as Trephina Gorge, the ghost mining town Arltunga along with many camping spots, walking trails, geological formations, Aboriginal art and four-wheel-driving tracks.

    The Arrernte people (Traditional owners of the Alice Springs area) tell a fascinating Dreamtime story about a caterpillar who became the ranges.


    What is the best time to visit the East MacDonnell Ranges?

    As the Red Centre has four seasons (Summer, autumn, winter and spring) you’ll find it warmer in summer from December to February and cold in winter from June to August. March, April, May, September, October and November generally bring warm days and cooler nights. For more weather information click here.


    Where are the East MacDonnell Ranges?

    The East MacDonnell Ranges stretches for 150km east of Alice Springs and takes just fifteen minutes to drive to Emily Gap.


    Where can you go next?

    The obvious place to explore would be Tjoritja/West MacDonnell Ranges which is home to attractions such as Simpson Gap, Ochre Pits, Standley Chasm, Ellery Creek Big Hole, Ormiston Gorge and Glen Helen.