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The Croc Bus
Largest Boxing Crocodile

The Croc Bus

Welcome to The Croc Bus, your vehicle for an exhilarating crocodile safari.

Enjoy the cool comfort of our air-conditioned bus as we journey through crocodile territory. Stay engaged with our 'Croc Bulletin,' featuring 15 fascinating articles about major crocodile events.

A pit stop awaits at the majestic Boxing Crocodile, the largest of its kind, a fantastic photo opportunity not to be missed! The adventure continues at the Adelaide River, where you'll board the crocodile cruise. Prepare for a heart-thumping hour observing the planet's most impressive reptiles up close.

The safari doesn't end there. We course through the Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve, a treasure trove of wildlife. From crocodiles to buffalos, snakes, wallabies, and an array of bird species, it's a nature lover's paradise.

The journey concludes as we return to Darwin, ensuring you're back for a satisfying lunch or a mesmerizing sunset. Join us on The Croc Bus for an unforgettable adventure!

The Croc Bus

The Croc Bus is a 4 hour crocodile safari. Sit back and relax in our air-conditioned bus while they take you through crocodile territory. Catch up on all the 'Croc News' on board with 15 different news articles from major crocodile events that have happened in the Territory published by the NT News as visitors will be spending about two hours overall in the bus. Stop at the World's Largest Boxing Crocodile to get a quick snap. Then straight to the Adelaide River where you'll get to hop on the crocodile cruise and witness the largest reptiles up close. After an hour on the boat you are back on the bus to drive through Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve where there are tons of wildlife ranging from freshwater crocodiles, buffalos, boars, snakes, wallabies and tons of different species of bird life. After that the tour will hook back to Darwin to get you back in the city before lunch or sunset.


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