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Family kayaking on Lake Maryann near Tennant Creek

Family activities around Tennant Creek

The family won't believe their eyes when they see the iconic Karlu Karlu/Devils Marbles; it's the perfect place for young and old to explore.

The whole family will feel small standing next to the 6 metre boulders of Karlu Karlu/Devils Marbles. This sacred dreaming place enchants children and adults alike, just one of the exciting family friendly attractions of the region.

We have cowboys! If you’re after a true blue Aussie outback adventure you can also check out the local camp drafting, bronco branding, and rodeo events. The family will be sure to be amazed by the skill of these cowboys as they kick up the dust under thundering hooves.

A land of blue skies, boundless horizons, ancient landscapes and historic gold rush history, this is one of the outback’s best kept secrets.

Family activities around Tennant Creek



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