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Finke Gorge National Park - Palm Valley
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Wild Honey Travels ®

Wild Honey Travels is the an inspirational female owned and operated service in Central Australia.

Delivering 4WD private and bespoke tours for locals and visitors of Central Australia by a seasoned local professional. A service that is safe, comfortable, happy, and reliable. Respectful of the first people, cultures and land of the countries on which we travel and visit.

Experiences are characterised by awareness, curiosity, compassion and respect. Tours are half to full day experiences within a three and a half hour radius of Alice Springs. Venturing off-road to National Parks and communities. Also offering bush transport and charters to travel anywhere in the Northern Territory, across borders where permitted. Festivals and unique experiences are abound!

A business which enables visitors to gain insight and interaction with Indigenous societies, businesses and peoples of Central Australia, incorporating wisdom, truth telling, contemporary and popular cultures, progressive thought and current affairs. A business with a social conscience which contributes to micro-economies.


  • COVID Safe
  • State/Territory Bus Operators Accreditation

Walk & Waterhole - Ormiston Pound & Gorge

Seize the day, spend an extended amount of time at one of the most exquisite destinations in the West MacDonnell Ranges. Experience NT time, slow down, soak up what is the essence of the MacDonnell ranges, found here at Ormiston Gorge. Beside the Larapinta Trail.

A day trip from Alice Springs. Medium level walk 3-4 hours across semi-arid country. Dirt paths, sandy creek bed, up/down hill and scrambling over rocks.
Soaring orange cliffs hang high above a once raging watercourse that left behind a lazy waterhole. There are boulders to lie upon like a lazy lizard in the hot sun after a swim (warmer months).

Walk, swim, explore nature, relax, contemplate, dream!

East & West - 2 Ways

Simpsons Gap in the West MacDonnell Ranges is part of the Arrernte peoples’ home lands. At the beginning of time, ancestors emerged from earth to create geologic magnificence, water then native fauna and vegetation to energise all life. In the sand of a dry creek bed which has forged a path through a hard place, connect with the souls of your feet Nurture your mind, body, spirit and smile. Journey to the East Mac’s where there's an abundance of Yipirinya (Ayepe-arenye) Dreaming. Inspired by Bush People, visit an Indigenous owned and operated social enterprise. Naturally occurring medicinal plants have been expertly harvested using unbroken traditional knowledge. Learn how natural bush remedies were and still are used to help ailments such as aches, joint inflammation, skin conditions and more. A heathy dose of ancient wisdom just for you!

Painted Desert - Hermannsburg

Keeping culture, drawing and painting stories for 10s of 1000s of years, in 1934 the Western Arrarnta community met with a peculiar representation of Country in water colour paintings at the Hermannsburg Lutheran Mission. Igniting the imagination of residents, a movement of water colour artists was born. There was money, accolades, citizenship as well as challenge, burden and strife. Explore the legacy of the great Hermannsburg Water Colour movement. Learn about the relentless pursuit of justice by Albert’s family – The Namatjira Project. Tour includes: Hermannsburg Historic Precinct (WC accessible); Namatjira Monument & House; Hermannsburg Precinct Gallery Shop; Hermannsburg Potters (by arrangement) * or IItja Ntjarra Many Hands Arts Centre (by arrangement) *; Yes, we can customise.

Loud & Proud - Hermannsburg & Ellery Big Hole

The Western Arrarnta People have been keeping culture, singing stories for 10s of 1000s of years. In 1877, Lutheran Pastors from Germany arrived on horseback and settled by an ancient River. Together they interpreted new songs in the tradition of Christianity and Western Arrarnta Language. Their voices echoed across this arid land reaching many other language groups. In the 1960’s, the choir movement reached its pinnacle. Then a resurgence occurred when British Guyana born Choir Master happened to visit Alice Springs in 2006. Come, visit the roots of The Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s choir. Learn about their story, living in some of Australia’s most remote outback Aboriginal Communities. On the world's stage they perform 16th Century baroque, in language, along with early romantic hymns – Sydney Opera House, German Cathedrals, Washington DC and more. Featured in the documentary The Song Keepers, these are the strong voices of community and culture. Tour includes: Hermannsburg Historic Precinct, Easy WC accessible; Bethlehem Lutheran Church (by arrangement) *; Art Gallery & Shop; Swim in Ellery Big Hole or Swim & Walk at Ormiston Gorge ; WC accessible; Yes We Can customise.

Side by Side - Finke Gorge & Palm Valley

Land aboard for one of the finest 4WD experiences in Central Australia followed by one of the most exquisite walking destinations, the Finke Gorge National Park – Valley of the Palms and Kalarranga. A remote dirt road winds its way along and across a mighty river, perhaps the oldest continuous river course in the world. Widely referred to as the Finke River, the Western Arrarnta people know it as Lhere Pernte (Larapinta), salty river. In the Park, after a good rain, fish will appear in the normally dry waterholes. Three of the nine fish found in the Larapinta, don’t occur in any other river system. Another anomaly is the wondrous towering Red Cabbage Palms. Normally found in a luxuriant rainforest, these along with Cycad Ferns and White Cypress Pines populate the creek and gorge walls in cool shadows and drink from hidden water. Close by the land opens to the sky. It meets with the harsh semi-arid land. Seems a world away as you cast your eye over mesmerising intense red sandstone formations that remind you of battle ships on a lost sea, from ancient times. Seasoned walkers will love the big walks and for ramblers, short and easier.

Reflections - Rainbow Valley & Hermannsburg

Sleep in, a late morning start, for you! A gentle drive through the mountainous landscape of the West MacDonnell Ranges. Arrive to Hermannsburg community where over 100 years ago, Lutheran Missionaries arrived to establish a precinct where Western Arrarnta and others could seek refuge. A ‘safe house’ amidst the arrival of people chasing economic development and the grab for land. The Lurtheran’s realised Western Arrarnta people had society, connection and practical ways of surviving on this country. Faith sustained many as cultures clashed. Walk in the Hermannsburg Historic Precinct among buildings which provided shelter and structure for schooling, religion and building skills toward self-sufficiency in a new society. Then travel an overland track, passing through the birth place of iconic Albert Namatjira, Owen Springs, one of the earliest Cattle Stations in Central Australia. Cross the Hugh River and into the James Ranges for an enchanting sunset at Rainbow Valley. Witness a cast of shadows dance upon a soft pink clay pan hoping to meet an ancient sandstone. Intense colours mesmerise. Home of Southern Arrernte, this is Rainbow Valley, Wurre!

Tracks & Trails - East MacDonnell Ranges

The East MacDonnell Ranges is an intimate representation of the Ancestors which emerged at the beginning of time and with spirited adventure, created everything that is. Today, descendants honour the work and lessons of their ancestors through oral storytelling, singing, dancing and symbolic drawings. Different to the West, in the East MacDonnell Ranges, it’s a privilege to stand in the sacred space of the Caterpillar Dreaming depicted in ochre paintings on the ancient rock face overhanging a typically dry creek bed. Venture further to more remote country and in a gorge, discover symbols etched in rock. The details known to selected Eastern Arrernte senior men, bestowed the authority to manage, maintain stories and use the information responsibly. At Trephina Gorge, walk mindfully from the gorge floor upward to the blue sky through abundant bush food and medicine flora that will pleasantly surprise and lead you to wonder. If you’re lucky to be here after substantial rain, the Chain of Ponds is exquisite. Pull into Ross River Resort historic homestead, for a hearty meal, coffee, a schooner at the bar mounted on a station stock saddle or relax on an authentic leather lounge from the original Ghan train.

More then Art Tour - Indigenous Community Art Centre

A dusty, corrugated straight dirt road, sometimes interrupted by a curve, a dip, a floodway even though it rarely rains. Takes you through expansive cattle stations, sparsely populated with brumbies. Arrive at a remote Indigenous community where residents live on their traditional lands but for others, they’ve made it home as a result of displacement. So many stories to tell of traditional and contemporary life. An opportunity to meet and talk with Elders or adults in a space they’ve created to express, speak in language, share truths, work to provide income for families, laugh and inspire. The achievements of these artists will blow you away. Their designs feature on the swaying carriages of the Ghan Train, the carpet when you arrive to collect your luggage at the Alice Springs Airport, the winning guernsey of the Melbourne Football Club – Demons AFL Indigenous team. Take time to step out, see and experience another way!

Parallel Time

Dusty corrugated dirt roads through outback cattle stations, travel alongside time on Southern Arrernte lands. Learn the story of a menacing ancestor, going ‘wrong way’. Lessons of kinship starkly evidenced by a towering sandstone pillar standing solitary on the edge of the Simpson Desert. Walk and discover animal tracks leading to spinifex shelters. Small birds forage and raptors soar. Lizards scuttle away. After good rain, wildflowers burst with colour, pink, yellow, orange, purple, white. Climb the stairs upward to Itirkawara, named Chambers Pillar by the first Explorers. It remained a land mark for Pioneers of the new world. Relics of the Overland Telegraph Line and old Ghan Train rail line can be sighted as we drive parallel to the famous Finke Desert race track. One of the world’s most challenging off-road motor races in one of the most remote parts of the world. By arrangement, visit the local Indigenous Community, situated on Southern Arrernte Country but made up of displaced peoples from surrounding Countries who came to work on the cattle station in return for rations. An arts centre is now situated in this remote and relatively modern community. Be inspired!


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