Dhalinybuy residents welcomes guests to the community through traditional dance ceremony
Preparing native bush dyes
Pandanus weaving

Liya Wanhurr Day Tour

The Liya Wanhurr Day Tour is a self catered, cultural experience starting at Dhalinybuy community in remote East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.

Guests drive to Dhalinybuy where they are welcomed by the local community through an elaborate traditional dance (buŋgul). Over the course of the tour, guests learn more about the homeland and the surrounding area, Yolŋu life, history and culture and develop skills such as spear making and pandanus weaving.

Each tour is tailored to the environment and the time of year, meaning no tour is ever the same.

Guests looking to extend their stay have the opportunity to book a campsite at the nearby Cato River Recreational Area which is a well established campground with shelters, fire pits and basic toilet facilities.

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