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Guided Enduro Ride

We get started early to make the most of the (slightly) cooler part of the day.

If you need a pick up, we'll come and get you from your hotel. Depending on your choice of trail we'll either bring you to our rural location on the edge of the Gunn Point Hunting Reserve, or we'll drive to one of our advanced trails. Either way, you should be on the bike within the hour and straight into some incredible single-trail only a minute or two later.

Most of our tours can be changed on the fly, so if they turn out to be too easy or too hard we can address it on the spot.

From beginner to A-grade racer we've got endless riding in some spectacular places that you'll remember for a long time to come.
We endeavour to only put riders of a similar ability together. Have a look on our FAQs page for more on this.

The weather up here is reasonably predictable. If it's dry season, chances are it'll be hot and the skies will be clear. If it's wet season you'll most likely get wet, but it's still hot so it doesn't matter.

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