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Alice Springs School of the Air Experience

Alice Springs School of the Air was established in 1951, pioneering HF radio as a way of delivering education to some of Australia’s most remote students.

In a format that now might be familiar to many people, the school today delivers lessons online and has been doing so since the early 2000s.

The Visitor Centre located 3.5km from the centre of Alice Springs. The Visitor Centre bring to life an integral and unique facet of the children’s lives in the Australian Outback. We offer travellers the opportunity to learn about the history of the "The World's Largest Classroom", revealing stories about school from afar, life on the land, and share in the dreams, achievements, and journeys of our Outback students. We also showcase the world-renowned innovations of this uniquely Australian school.

The experience includes a film, a guided presentation about our school’s unique history and the ground-breaking techniques making it possible for our remote, Outback students to participate in school classes despite the challenges of time, distance and isolation. There is also the opportunity to view ‘live’ or pre-recorded school lessons.

Set up as an initiative of the School Council, the Visitor Centre is much like a school fete, raising funds which directly support student enrichment programs for our school.