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Fire safety

In the event that there's a bushfire near you during your visit to the Territory, stay tuned to local radio for bushfire information and warnings.

Some areas of the Northern Territory are prone to bushfires. In the event that there is a bushfire near you during your visit to the Northern Territory, stay tuned to local radio for bushfire information and warnings, and be sure to heed all advice broadcast by emergency services.


To prevent risk of bushfire while camping, take note of fire restrictions in the area, light fires only in fireplaces/fire pits provided, never leave a fire unattended, and be careful to fully extinguish the fire when finished.

Total fire ban days

Days that are deemed to pose a high risk of fire may be declared Total Fire Ban days. On these days, there is a total ban on lighting fires in the open. These bans will be announced in the local media, usually on the radio and in the local press.

Roadside fires

When driving in the Northern Territory, it is not uncommon to see fires burning on the roadside or in nearby bushland. These fires are usually ‘prescribed’, controlled burns, which are conducted by the emergency services to control the spread of wildfire. These fires should not be cause for alarm. If you are driving while these fires are burning, and there is a lot of smoke:

  • Turn on your headlights
  • Slow down and be aware that there could be people, vehicles, large trucks and livestock on the road.
  • Follow directions of police and firefighters if present.
  • If you cannot see clearly, pull over to the side of the road, stop your vehicle, and wait until the smoke clears.


In an emergency, dial 000 to contact fire, police or ambulance services.

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