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Nourlangie Rock Art

Site d'art rupestre de Burrungkuy (Nourlangie)

Les murs du site d'art rupestre de Burrungkuy (Nourlangie), dans le parc national de Kakadu, classé au patrimoine mondial, ont servi d'abri et de toile pendant des milliers d'années.

Les peintures sont une fenêtre sur une riche tradition spirituelle et peuvent être atteintes par la promenade d'art rupestre circulaire de 1,5 kilomètre Burrungkuy (Nourlangie).

Pendant la saison sèche écoutez un garde forestier parler de l'ancienne galerie et de la relation des habitants avec leur pays et leurs croyances.

Dans la galerie principale (Anbangbang), vous verrez l'ancêtre de la création Namondjok et l'ancêtre de la création Namarrkon, l'homme de la foudre. Montez au Kunwarddewardde Lookout et soyez récompensé par une vue imprenable sur l'escarpement de Kakadu et Burrungkuy (Nourlangie Rock).

Un droit d'entrée est requis pour entrer dans le parc national de Kakadu. Gagnez du temps pendant vos vacances et achetez votre laissez-passer pour le parc Kakadu en ligne avant de quitter la maison.

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    What’s nearby

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  • Map


    What’s nearby

    What’s nearby

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  • FAQs

    What makes Nourlangie special?

    Nourlangie is home to some of the greatest rock art masterpieces in the Kakadu National Park, which are up to 20,000 years old. This art and the features that surround it epitomise the grandeur and absolute uniqueness of the ancient Northern Territory landscape.


    How do I get to Nourlangie?

    From Darwin the distance is 283km and the drive time is approximately 3 hours.

    Follow Route 36 (Arnhem Highway) to Jabiru and continue on Route 21 (Kakadu Highway) until you reach your destination.

    Upon arrival you will enter a car park and a clear sign will direct you to the 1.5km circuit track ‘The Nourlangie Art Walk’.


    How do I get around?

    Nourlangie is accessible in a 2WD vehicle.


    What things are there to see on the way to Nourlangie?

    Bowali Visitor Centre
    5km west of Jabiru is the Bowali Visitor Centre, which contains information about Kakadu to help you plan your visit. The Marrawuddi Gallery is located at the Bowali Visitor Centre; all artworks at the gallery are created by local Aboriginal people.

    Ubirr Rock
    Travelling from Darwin, turn off Route 36 (Arnhem Highway) in a northeast direction just before reaching Jabiru. This ancient rock site provides breathtaking views of the surrounding escarpment. Well worth a visit, especially if you can reach the lookout by sunset.


    What is the best time to visit Nourlangie?

    Most people prefer to arrive in the dry season, from May to October, when the days are sunny and the nights cool. The average daily maximum is about 32 degrees Celsius.

    November to April is the wet season, when humidity climbs and daily maximums can hit the high 30s. This brings balmy evenings and spectacular thunderstorms, which is part of what makes the NT wonderful.


    Can I camp at Nourlangie?

    You can’t camp right at the Nourlangie site, but you can camp at the Burdulba Campground, which is 25 minutes from the Nourlangie rock art site. Several bushwalking options are available at Burdulba; the site is accessible by 2WD and is only suitable for tent camping.

    The Sandy Billabong Campground is 35km from Jabiru, and a 4WD vehicle is essential to reach the campground.


    What are the best things to see and do at Nourlangie?

    Rock art
    Connect with Indigenous Australian ancient history through rock art. The surrounding bush and wildlife bring the experience to life, as you retrace the steps of local Indigenous people. A fascinating and humbling experience for all.

    Anbangbang Billabong (2.5km loop – 1 hour return)
    Anbangbang Billabong is a highly rated wetlands walk that will take you through freshwater mangroves and amazing woodlands, where you will be enchanted by the birdlife. This is a relaxing walk, which is even more special in the early morning or late afternoon when it’s a bit cooler and the agile wallabies appear in the woodlands area.

    Nawurlandja Lookout (300m– 40 minutes, one way track)
    This steep rock scramble delivers when you look over the edge to the majestic views of the escarpment, Burrungkuy Rock and Anbangbang Billabong. It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit, Nawurlandja is guaranteed to impress. Looking across the savanna woodlands to the sheer cliffs of the Arnhem Land escarpment will give you a sense of the grand scale of Kakadu.

    Nanguluwur Art Site walk
    This site features many hand stencils and food source paintings, as well as the extraordinary painting of a European sailing ship, which is remarkable as the site is located 90km from the sea and nowhere near any port.

    Gubara Pools Walk (6km return – 4 hours)
    This walk is graded easy to moderate and takes you past the ancient Arnhem Land escarpment. Look out for the many different bird species congregating around the flowering eucalypts. This walk is open most of the year but is most popular during the tropical summer. Gubara Pools are also referred to as Kubara Pools.


    Where else can I go from Nourlangie?

    There are many other places in the Kakadu National Park such as Lake Jabiru and Bilkbilkmi Gorge, which is a secluded bush campsite accessible by 4WD vehicle. Be prepared for a 3 hour drive along the 60km track. At the end of the drive you will be awed by the stunning cascading waterfall and natural plunge pool. Permits are required to enter Bilkbilkmi Gorge, which is only suitable for tent campsites.

    Jim Jim Falls, Twin Falls and Gunlom Falls are all within reach of Nourlangie.