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Kalarranga Lookout
Red Cabbage Palms
Finke Gorge National Park

Side by Side - Finke Gorge & Palm Valley

Land aboard for one of the finest 4WD experiences in Central Australia followed by one of the most exquisite walking destinations, the Finke Gorge National Park – Valley of the Palms and Kalarranga.

A remote dirt road winds its way along and across a mighty river, perhaps the oldest continuous river course in the world. Widely referred to as the Finke River, the Western Arrarnta people know it as Lhere Pernte (Larapinta), salty river. In the Park, after a good rain, fish will appear in the normally dry waterholes. Three of the nine fish found in the Larapinta, don’t occur in any other river system. Another anomaly is the wondrous towering Red Cabbage Palms. Normally found in a luxuriant rainforest, these along with Cycad Ferns and White Cypress Pines populate the creek and gorge walls in cool shadows and drink from hidden water. Close by the land opens to the sky. It meets with the harsh semi-arid land. Seems a world away as you cast your eye over mesmerising intense red sandstone formations that remind you of battle ships on a lost sea, from ancient times. Seasoned walkers will love the big walks and for ramblers, short and easier.

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