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Bike You

Bike You offers guided Off-Road Motorcycle adventures in the bush surrounding Darwin.

Our tours visit Litchfield and Berry Springs National Parks, local bushland, quiet roads and dirt roads. We also use selected areas of private land.
We take in some classic adventure trails including the Old Ghan Railway, the Reynolds River Track and Gunn Point Beach.
We can run tours with unlicensed riders including kids on unregistered bikes but the majority of our adventures are on registered bikes with licensed riders.

Other aspects of our business includes licensing and testing on behalf of the MVR, Off Road and Race track coaching under the umbrella of Motorcycling Australia, and guided tours on dirt bikes in Bali. These additional arms of the business strengthen our ability to assess riders and select appropriate trails for them.

  • Tours

    Guided Enduro Ride

    You should be on the bike within the hour.

    Most of our tours can be changed on the fly, so if they turn out to be too easy or too hard we can address it on the spot.

    Depending on our tours, all or some of the following can be seen or experienced.
    Bird watching
    Bush food
    Military sites
    WW2 history
    National Parks
    Scenic flights
    The outback
    Photography opportunities

    From beginner to A-grade racer we've got endless riding in some spectacular places that you'll remember for a long time to come.
    We endeavour to only put riders of a similar ability together. We can arrange tours for unlicensed riders on request making it great for family activities, this has to be one of the best adventure activities available.

    The weather up here is reasonably predictable. If it's dry season, chances are it'll be hot and the skies will be clear. If it's wet season you'll most likely get wet, but it's still hot so it doesn't matter.

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    What's nearby

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