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烏比爾 (Ubirr)

烏比爾(Ubirr)是卡卡杜國家公園(Kakadu National Park)最有名的兩處原住民岩畫藝廊之一。

要欣賞這些岩畫,只要沿著長約 1 公里的圓形步道輕鬆行進即可。

爬上稍陡的 250 公尺步道後,可到岩頂展望處,一覽沖積平原景色。 只要算好時間,還可以在山頂上看到令人難以忘懷的夕陽美景。 烏比爾(Ubirr)主要有三處岩畫可以觀賞。 在主藝廊的畫中可以看到原住民所狩獵的許多種動物。 繪畫動物是為了敬重其犧牲生命、為了確保未來狩獵順利,或是為了記錄重大成果。 重要的夢幻時光先祖,例如納瑪剛姊妹(Namarrgarn Sisters)和絢麗的虹蛇(Rainbow Serpent)均擁有各自的藝廊。

從停車場前往烏比爾(Ubirr)的步道形成圓形,約費時一小時,總長 1 公里。 爬上展望台的山坡約需再 30 分鐘時間。 在熱帶夏季時限制進出,最新詳情請洽伯瓦里旅遊中心(Bowali Visitor Centre)。

進入卡卡杜國家公園(Kakadu National Park)時,16 歲以上每人需支付門票 25.00 澳元。

  • 常见问题解答

    Can Ubirr be done as a day trip?

    Ubirr can be done as a day trip from Darwin, but it is highly recommended to stay overnight in Kakadu National Park. There are several accommodation options in the nearby town of Jabiru, which is less than an hour's drive away (41 km). Alternatively, you can sleep in comfort at Cooinda Lodge, which is less than 90 minutes' drive (92 km) from Ubirr.


    Do I need any passes or permits to visit Ubirr?

    You will require a Kakadu National Park Pass – a permit which gives you access to the region along with guided walks and information. The permit can be purchased online or in person at selected locations.


    How do I get around Ubirr?

    Ubirr is easily walkable, with the hour long walk from the carpark only requiring a moderate fitness level. The climb to the lookout takes an additional 30 minutes and a bit more energy, but is well worth the effort with sweeping views of the surrounding floodplains.


    How do I get to Ubirr?

    Ubirr is about 40 minutes drive from Jabiru, and 3.5 hours' drive from Darwin. The road is sealed, however it can become inaccessible between December and April due to heavy rain. When the road is flooded you can take a tour that includes a boat ride through this section, check the status of the road with the Bowali Visitor Centre or the Kakadu Road Report. If you don't wish to drive, there are a number of tours from Darwin which include a visit to Ubirr.


    How far is Ubirr from the nearest main town?

    The Ubirr Rock Art sites are just under an hour's drive north from Jabiru in Kakadu National Park. From Darwin, Ubirr is 3.5 hours' drive. The township of Katherine is approximately 4 hours' drive.


    What are the major attractions at Ubirr?

    Ubirr is famous for its sweeping views across the floodplains, which are best experienced at sunset. Ubirr is also home to the two most well-known Aboriginal rock artworks in all of Kakadu National Park. You can learn about the Aboriginal history of the region and come face to face with artworks of the Rainbow Serpent and the Namarrgarn Sisters.


    What should I bring with me to Ubirr?

    The walk from the carpark around the art sites at Ubirr takes approximately one hour so bring walking shoes and comfortable clothes, along with sunscreen, insect repellent, first aid kit, hat, camera and plenty of water.


    When is the best time to visit Ubirr?

    No matter what time of year you visit Kakadu National Park, there is something for everyone. The best chance of road access to Ubirr is from May to October. During the wet season (November to April) the road to Ubirr is often closed due to flooding, however you can still access the area by boat. Check out the Kakadu Road Report for daily updates.


    Where should I go next from Ubirr?

    Ubirr is just one small part of the fantastic Kakadu National Park. From camping and exploring, to 4WD adventures and fishing safaris, there's plenty more to do in Kakadu National Park - some favourites include Nourlangie Rock, Yellow Water Billabong and Maguk Waterfall. Also, don't forget to check out neighbouring Arnhem Land.




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