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Trek Tours Australia

Avec Trek Tours Australia, partez randonner dans le bush en petit groupe, accompagnés d’un guide professionnel.

Découvrez la nature sauvage australienne et randonnez sur le superbe Larapinta Trail, dans le parc national MacDonnell Ouest, et sur le Jatbula Trail, dans le parc national Nitmiluk.Découvrez une flore, une faune, une géologie, une histoire et une culture uniques.

Nous travaillons avec des guides professionnels, passionnés et chevronnés pour offrir des excursions exceptionnelles dans certains des lieux les plus incroyables d’Australie.En veillant à respecter notre nature et à ne laisser aucune trace de notre passage dans les régions que nous traversons, nous les préservons pour les générations futures.Ils respectent et croient en la philosophie selon laquelle en protégeant la terre, la terre vous protège.

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    • ECO Certified (Advanced Ecotourism) by Ecotourism Australia
    • Respecting Our Culture (ROC) Certified by Ecotourism Australia
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    Jatbula Trail Walking Tours

    The Jatbula Trail takes us deep into this wild region.

    The trail follows an ancient Jawoyn song line through the Nitmiluk National Park. The Jatbula Trail takes us up onto the Arnhem Land Escarpment, through shady monsoon forests, past spectacular waterfalls and their crystal clear swimming pools and introduces us to stunning Jawoyn Aboriginal rock art sites. We camp in some of the most amazing wilderness country in Australia.

    Itinerary Summary
    Day 1 : Pick up Darwin, drive to Katherine Gorge, walk to Biddlecombe Cascades | 8. 3kms
    Day 2 : Walk from Biddlecombe Cascades to Crystal Falls | 11kms
    Day 3 : Walk from Crystal Falls to Amphitheatre and on to 17 Miles Falls | 10kms
    Day 4 : Walk from 17 Miles Falls to Sandy Camp Pool | 17kms
    Day 5 : Walk from Sandy Camp to Sweetwater Pool | 11. 2kms
    Day 6 : Walk from Sweetwater Pool to Leilyn (Edith Falls), drive to Darwin | 4. 5kms

    Kakadu Explorer Walking Tours

    Itinerary Summary
    Day 1 : Depart Darwin, Yellow Water Lagoon Cruise | 5hrs driving, 2 hr cruise
    Day 2 : Jim Jim Falls, walk Kakadu Escarpment, camp ‘Utopia’ | 9kms + exploring
    Day 3 : Walk Jim Jim Creek, camp The Terraces | 12kms + exploring
    Day 4 : Follow headwaters of Jim Jim Creek, explore aboriginal rock art | 13kms + exploring
    Day 5 : Twin Creek, rainforests, explore rock art, camp billabong on Twin Creek | 14kms + exploring
    Day 6 : Twin Creek, art sites, camp Hidden Valley | 8kms + lots of exploring
    Day 7 : Explore Hidden Valley, journey down Twin Creek | 12kms + exploring
    Day 8 : Twin Creek Gorge, camp Twin Creek Gorge | 12kms + exploring
    Day 9 : Twin Creek Gorge, Twin Falls, return to Darwin | 6kms + 6hrs driving

    Koolpin Explorer Trek

    Our exploratory trek takes us from Koolpin Gorge to the spectacular Twin Falls.

    Join us on this challenging 7 day full pack exploratory hike, for a unique opportunity to explore the heart of the remote and beautiful southern Kakadu country. This wilderness adventure trek covers approximately 50km between the Koolpin Gorge and Twin Falls.

    Larapinta Trail Walking Tours

    The Larapinta Trail begins at the old Alice Springs Telegraph Station and meanders through many gaps and sheltered gorges, climbing steeply over rugged ranges, offering a myriad of stunning views and opportunities to photograph or admire the spectacular landscape. The Larapinta Trail takes in a variety of desert habitats before rewarding walkers with magnificent 360° panoramic vistas, from the summit of Mt Sonder – the highest point and end of the trail. It’s a special place for us and a privilege to share the experience with you.

    We guide walking tours for small groups of 8 trekkers – the smallest group size on the Larapinta Trail. Trek Tours Australia offers volunteer programs on the Larapinta Trail, supports Indigenous enterprises and practices environmentally responsible travel.

    We offer 3, 6, 9 and 16 day guided treks on the Larapinta Trail.

    Trek Jatbula - 6 Day Jatbula Trail Trek

    The Jatbula Trail takes us deep into this wild region.

    The trail follows an ancient Jawoyn song line through the Nitmiluk National Park. The Jatbula takes us up onto the Arnhem Land escarpment, through shady monsoon forests, past spectacular waterfalls and their crystal clear swimming pools and introduces us to stunning Jawoyn Aboriginal rock art sites. We camp in some of the most amazing wilderness country in Australia.

    The Jatbula Trail is 58km from start to finish and is a full pack bushwalking adventure taking us far away from city life and immersing us into this ancient wonderland. The Jatbula is an exclusive destination opening only during the dry season from June to September, with a limit of 15 people per day permitted. We run our trips in June, July, and early August, the coolest and driest months - enjoying perfect blue sky days, cool nights and plenty of water for our afternoon swims.

    Trek Larapinta - 16 Day End to End Larapinta Trail Trek

    It crosses a variety of terrain, from high ridgelines to sheltered gorges. It's a special place for us, and it's a privilege to live, walk and share the experience with you.

    Our new look Larapinta Trail End to End trek is now a 16 day wilderness adventure. Our itinerary has been designed so we can walk the entire length of the Larapinta Trail.

    You will only have to carry the things you need for the day in your small day pack and have your two experienced guides take care of all the camp logistics. Our freshly prepared meals are a highlight of the trek, your guides will surprise and delight you with their culinary skills. We select our guides for their unparalleled knowledge of the Larapinta Trail and ability to work together with you to showcase this spectacular wilderness walking trail, in a safe and supportive environment.

    Trek Larapinta - 3 day Larapinta Trail Trek

    The highlight of the trek sees us summit magnificent Mount Sonder for sunrise.

    Trek Larapinta - 9 Day Larapinta Trail Trek

    The Larapinta Trail crosses a variety of terrain, through beautiful desert landscapes, and the surrounding lands are home to a wide variety to plants and wildlife. The 9 day trek is a selection of highlights of the Larapinta Trail. Starting in Alice Springs, we hike along scenic ridges, gorges and mountain peaks, including the glorious Mt Sonder, the highest point on the Trail. Carrying only a day pack as you walk, you'll trek through Wallaby Gap; the Serpentine, Ormiston and Redbank Gorges; Finke River; Rocky Bar Gap and more.

    After your daily hikes along this rugged world class Trail, we will pick you up and drive you into camp, where you can relax while Trek Larapinta caters for your needs. These beautiful bushcamps are our 'homes' during the walking season, and it is a privilege for us to be here. We seek to tend them as best we can with minimal impact practices, and it's a pleasure to share these places with you.

    Trek Larapinta - Mt Giles 5 Day Trek

    You are accompanied by two experienced Trek Larapinta Guides who lead this adventure and ensure safe travel, as most of this walk is through untracked terrain.

    Mt Giles rises up out of the Chewings Range and is the third highest peak in the West MacDonnell Ranges National Park. At 1389m above sea level, this desert peak creates an awesome backdrop to an already beautiful range system. It towers above the eastern end of Ormiston Pound and delivers impressive views to all those who venture to climb the mountain's summit.

    It includes setting up base camp, going on an exploratory walk, hiking off trail up this mountain, entering the beautiful Ormiston Pound through an uncommon entrance, wandering through the stunning gorge and visiting its waterhole.

    It's for all those who want to venture further into the stunning living desert of Central Australia.

    Trek Larapinta - Super 6 Day Larapinta Trail Trek

    This is not a trek for the faint hearted or inexperienced as each days walk is rated as either hard or very hard by NT Parks and Wildlife. The rewards for taking on this challenging trek are immense, with all of the most spectacular views of the Larapinta Trail on offer. These are stunning and varied hikes, taking you through some of the best examples of the West MacDonnell's vegetation, its gorges and views.

    On each section, you will be tested and rewarded until the final section: a hike to the highest point on the trail, Mount Sonder. It is a beautiful and poignant close to six days of superb trekking on the Larapinta Trail.

    This tour is designed so that days vary between 6 and 12 hours of challenging to very challenging bushwalking, it is essential to be very well prepared physically and mentally to take on this trek.

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