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威利斯徒步旅行 (Willis's Walkabouts)

威利斯徒步旅行(Willis's Walkabouts)是一对旅游经营者情侣所有,为您提供一套丛林徒步的旅行计划;您可以在卡卡杜国家公园(Kakadu National Park)探索荒野,并在远离营地和车辆的地方尽享露营的乐趣。


威利斯徒步旅行还为 4 人或多人的团队游客安排行程。 徒步旅行为期两至三周,但可将步行行程分为多个部分,游客们可自行游览。 单独部分为期 3 至 11 天不等,并且大部分的徒步游览都远离步行路径。

  • 团游项目

    Kakadu Circle

    There are eight different circle trips departing during the year. Each trip consists of a single long walk that takes you deep into an unspoiled wilderness to see hidden wonders rarely seen by travellers. You can walk for days without seeing another person.

    Three of the walks are divided into 10 day sections, each of which can be done on its own. You can see cascading waterfalls such as Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls, learn about Aboriginal culture with visits to ancient rock art sites, and venture along exciting four wheel drive tracks. Take in the spectacular view from the Arnhem Land escarpment or discover the tranquil wetland habitats of crocodiles, waterbirds and other wildlife. This is a truly unforgettable adventure.

    Kakadu Highlights

    Much of the park can be reached only on foot, and you can discover this unspoiled wilderness when you join a guided, 14 day bushwalking tour. The 12 unique journeys departing during the year visit magnificent locations.

    Tours offer up to four different walks, each of which can be done separately, and trips range up to 14 days. During your trek you will experience unrivalled scenery and view fascinating wildlife. You can learn about Aboriginal culture and view ancient Aboriginal art sites. You might enjoy a cruise on Yellow Water Billabong, a visit to Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls, or a swim in a secluded waterhole. You may explore rugged gorges such as Graveside Gorge, Maguk or the hidden wonder of Jarrangbarnmi / Koolpin Gorge.