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利门国家公园 (Limmen National Park)

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海湾(Gulf)地区因河流众多而著名,驱车经过利门国家公园(Limmen National Park),沿途需横跨四条波澜壮阔的大河,之后还需沿着罗珀河(Roper River)走上一小段,该地区的河流之多由此可见一斑。

公园是垂钓者和观鸟者的天堂,一直深受垂钓者的喜爱。 利门国家公园最近才成为观光目的地。 园内景观十分丰富,驱车穿过公园,可饱览各色风景,十分有趣。 沿主路前行,您便能看到林地、河流、冲积平原和死水潭,稍微绕路,更是能入眼更多美景。

蝴蝶泉(Butterfly Springs)是公园内唯一供您放心游泳的场所,距尼森河公路(Nathan River Road)仅五公里,四周绿树成荫,设有宽敞露营地。 南方失落之城(Southern Lost City)距主路仅四公里,城内砂岩尖塔随处可见,十分壮观,其间设有全长两公里的环形步道,供您随心参观。 您可经由长达 28 公里的四轮驱动车道,从尼森河护林站(Nathan River Ranger Station)拿上钥匙,穿过西方失落之城(Western Lost City)大门,进去尽情探索。 罗珀沙洲(Roper Bar)和克劳福德角(Cape Crawford)(两地相距 338 公里)之间不设加油站,请事先加足燃料。

  • 常见问题解答

    Can Limmen National Park be done as a day trip?

    Limmen National Park is best done over a few days as a camping trip to allow time to visit the different attractions, discover the extensive wildlife and soak up the remote ambiance of the area.


    Do I need any passes or permits to visit Limmen National Park?

    Permits are not required to visit the Park, however you will need a code to unlock the access gate (changed weekly) to the Western Lost City, which can be obtained from the Nathan River Ranger Station.


    How do I get around Limmen National Park?

    A four-wheel drive vehicle is highly recommended to safely get around Limmen National Park. Although the main road through the Park is not too challenging, the side access roads to Lost Cities and campgrounds can be sandy and may require a high-clearance four-wheel drive.


    How do I get to Limmen National Park?

    Limmen National Park is a three hour drive south-east of Katherine along the Stuart Highway via the Roper Highway, (a turnoff 10km south of Mataranka). Alternatively, follow the Savannah Way via Borroloola for a four-wheel drive adventure through the Gulf region.

    All roads within the Park are unsealed and a four-wheel drive is recommended.


    How far is Limmen National Park from Darwin?

    The northern entry to Limmen National Park is approximately a six hour drive from Darwin, via Katherine. Stop, refresh and stock up on provisions at Katherine or at the Roper Bar Store at the entry of the Park before continuing as there are limited supplies within the Park.


    What are the major attractions at Limmen National Park?

    Limmen National Park is a great place to visit for remote camping, fishing, bird watching and sightseeing. Some popular activities include walking amongst the giant sandstone pillars at the Southern and Western Lost Cities, recreational angling at Roper, Towns and Limmen Bight Rivers and swimming at the base of the naturally formed pool at Butterfly Falls (the only location within the Park considered safe for swimming).

    Lorella Springs is also a must-visit while you are in region, a one-million acre outback cattle station which is a retreat of solitude and serenity with 25 kilometers of coastline, plus wetlands, mountain ranges, chasms, gorges and natural springs.


    What should I bring with me to Limmen National Park?

    Travellers should be self-reliant and bring enough food, water and fuel for their journey. There are no services for 338km between Roper Bar and Cape Crawford. Limited supplies are available from Limmen Bight Fishing Camp and Lorella Springs Wilderness Park. Walking boots are also a ‘must-pack’ to see the striking formations of the Lost Cities.


    When is the best time to visit Limmen National Park?

    The best time to visit Limmen National Park is when the temperatures are most comfortable between April and August (dry season). Heavier rain generally falls between December and April (wet season) which can cause flooding and road closures in the region.


    Where should I go next from Limmen National Park?

    After Limmen National Park head back to the Stuart Highway. Just south of Katherine is Elsey National Park which is home to the natural thermal pools of Mataranka and Bitter Springs. Enjoy some tucker at the infamous Daly Waters Pub. Continue further south to discover the Red Centre and iconic outback towns such as Tennant Creek and Alice Springs.