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Motor Car Falls Walk

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This walk follows an historic vehicle track.

In 1946 Paul Allmich, an old tin miner, was the first to drive to this country. He only got his Chevrolet truck as far as Motor Car Creek. The bridge there was built later.

Near the start of the Motor Car Falls walk is witj (turkey bush). During the dry season you may notice these pink-flowered shrubs with scale-like leaves in other parts of the park. The hard timber of straight witj stems makes good spears.

The walk takes you through the open woodland habitat of jikilirritj (hooded parrot) which nest in termite mounds.

Motor Car Creek is surrounded by lush monsoon forest
and is a shady retreat. You may see lawurrk (banded fruitdove)
feeding in this forest. Track markers lead to the pool
and falls.

7.5 km return | 4 hours

Moderate walk on a marked track