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Top Didj Cultural Experience

Top Didj & Art Gallery provides a must-do Australian experience for everyone.

You will be introduced to Manuel Pamkal, a traditional indigenous man, who will share his cultural insight as he is an excellent teacher. People who have had the privilege to meet Manuel feel uplifted and their lives enriched, walking away with respect and newfound knowledge of Australia’s indigenous life in the past.

Experience inclusions:

Many hands-on and fun activities.

After playing a tune on his didgeridoo and telling stories of growing up in the bush the traditional way, Manuel will teach you:

- How to paint your own aboriginal rarrk painting using a special reed brush called a Jalk.

- How to light a fire using two sticks

- How to throw a spear using a woomera

Manuel is the face of AATKings “Inspiring Journeys” brochure. They felt Manuel provided an authentic Aboriginal experience to their guests where they could meet a true local on a personal level. Also, you get the chance to get personal with wallabies. You can select from a large range of didgeridoos, authentic Aboriginal artwork, boomerangs, carvings, and souvenirs. Top Didj is committed to promoting Aboriginal art in an ethical way.

Tour last for 2.5.hours

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    Top Didj Cultural Experience

    Manual Pampkal, winner of 2013 Tourism NT Brolga for outstanding interpretive guide, will welcome you with a traditional song played on the Didgeridoo. He is then happy to talk about tribal life, language, hunting and gathering techniques and weapons used. Manual will teach you the fine art of Rarrk Painting using a reed brush (Jalk).

    You will have the opportunity to participate in fire lighting with two sticks and throwing a spear with a woomera. After the tour you can get close and personal with the resident wallaby population.

    Please note - indicative price quoted is per adult, prices for children are available, please check Top Didj Cultural Experience's website for further details.

    Virtual Cultural Experience

    Live has taken place, now available on demand on the Top Didj website shop.

    A snapshot of Top End Aboriginal culture, Top Didj’s virtual experience is the perfect introduction to Aboriginal culture exploring music, art, traditional artifacts, and life living in the bush the traditional way. Manuel is passionate about keeping the culture alive and sharing it with everyone. During the experience, you will listen to a live didgeridoo performance, Manuel will sing a song accompanied by clapsticks, then tell stories of growing up in the bush.

    You will be shown a special reed brush called a jalk that is used to paint the line paintings known as rarrk or crosshatch. Manuel will give a brief talk on how he goes about teaching people to paint in the rarrk style. Manuel will demonstrate how to light a fire using two sticks and how to throw a spear using a woomera.

    This live experience is perfect for the whole family or anyone interested in learning more about Aboriginal culture. You will also get a peek at our resident agile wallabies. Drop us a line if you have a question you would like Manuel to answer.

    Suitable for all ages.

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