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平丹駱駝之路 (Pyndan Camel Tracks)

平丹駱駝之路(Pyndan Camel Tracks)為家族企業,提供美麗又溫馴的駱駝供您乘坐,給您值得紀念的休閒體驗。

如果您參加一小時或半日的駱駝之旅,平丹駱駝之路(Pyndan Camel Tracks)將提供個人化的招待並為您介紹內陸生活的種種故事。 可幫忙餵食駱駝並提供飲水。

駱駝嚮導 Marcus 已有超過 20 年與駱駝共同工作的經驗。 平丹駱駝之路(Pyndan Camel Tracks)歡迎個人遊客與小型團體前來參加。 每一個旅行團最多可容 16 人參加。 提供免費的接駁服務,或者您可自行開車前來平丹駱駝之路(Pyndan Camel Tracks),距離愛麗斯泉(Alice Springs)只有 17 公里。

平丹駱駝之路(Pyndan Camel Tracks)榮獲澳洲生態旅遊(Eco Tourism Australia)的國家旅遊認證(Nature Tourism Certification),為澳洲旅遊標章計畫(Australian Tourism Accreditation Program)中的一員。

  • 旅遊

    Afternnon Camel Ride

    Experience the tradition of cameleers in Central Australia with a knowledgeable local guide as you ride these ships of the desert. Feel what it's like to truly experience the magic of desert travel with you, your camel and the big blue sky and see a variety of native wildlife. Gentle camels with experienced guides. Enjoy the highlight of your visit to Central Australia.

    Sunset 1 Hour Camel Ride

    As the sun sets, the colours of the ranges deepen to a glowing red and the sky shifts from cobalt blue to orange pink. What better vantage point than from the top of a camel. What a great photo opportunity. Meet your camel and cameleer, and experience transport from another era. See a variety of native wildlife, relax and enjoy the ride. Sunset tour departures are between 5pm and 6pm depending on the season.



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