Guluyambi Magela Billabong Wet Season
Guluyambi Egret East Alligator River

Ubirr Combo Tour

In Kakadu's Tropical Summer, Ubirr and the Magela Creek are absolutely stunning.

This is the time of year when the vast wetland floods cut off the road access to Ubirr. You can experience the splendour of both areas during the narrow window of opportunity during the seasonal flooding on this Ubirr Combo Tour.

Guests will cruise down stream through bark forests and out into the connecting billabongs on the Ubirr side of the creek. Then you will have the opportunity to view the rock art, absorb a little traditional indigenous knowledge and be inspired by the spectacle of the flooded plains from Ubirr Lookout.

Operating February to March only, the Ubirr Combo Tour uses expert guides, the majority Aboriginal, and provides guests with an insight into local Aboriginal mythology, the wetland's abundant bush tucker, traditional uses for many plants and animals, as well as bush survival skills.

There is a shuttle service to and from the cruise from Jabiru.

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