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Billboards 6 -11 at Harts Range section of the Plenty Highway
Billboard 3, Plenty Highway

Outdoor Gallery, Outback Way

Prepare for an unparalleled art adventure with the Outdoor Gallery, Outback Way!

Located along the mesmerizing Plenty Highway, this gem offers a unique gallery experience in the Eastern MacDonnell Ranges. As you drive along, 14 double-sided billboards showcase incredible artwork, creating a drive-thru art extravaganza!

This outdoor gallery boasts 14 double-sided artworks, providing a staggering 28 pieces of art from talented artists in Queensland, the Northern Territory, and Western Australia. It's a celebration of diverse artistic spirit.

The Outdoor Gallery boldly brings art and culture to the fiery red landscapes of the Eastern MacDonnell Ranges, rich in tradition and history. For detailed directions and information, visit outbackway.gallery. Artwork prints and originals are available online.

Embark on a lifetime adventure and let the Outdoor Gallery, Outback Way, ignite your soul with captivating art, culture, and landscapes. Get ready to be amazed!

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