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Larapinta Trail
High Route Section 3 Larapinta Trail
Larapinta Trail

Trek Larapinta

Established in 1998, Trek Larapinta is a boutique trekking operator, that specialises in facilitating guided walking tours on the Larapinta Trail.

As a small operator, Trek Larapinta can focus on quality and sustainability, maintain strong local knowledge of the landscape and build deep connections within our community. We guide walking tours for small groups of between 8 and 10 trekkers - the smallest group size on the Larapinta Trail. The company offers volunteer programs on the Larapinta Trail, supports Indigenous enterprises and practices environmentally responsible travel.


  • ECO Certified (Advanced Ecotourism) by Ecotourism Australia
  • Quality Tourism Accreditation

6 Day Larapinta Trek: highlights from the Larapinta Trail

The 6 day trek covers the Western sections of the Larapinta Trail, from Serpentine Gorge to Mt Sonder. These are spectacular and varied hikes, taking you through some of the best examples of the West MacDonnell's vegetation, its gorges and views.

On each section, you are rewarded with views of Mt Sonder. It slips in and out of sight, getting closer all the time, until the final section: a hike up her slopes, to the highest point on the Larapinta Trail.

Day 1 : Pick up Alice Springs, Simpsons Gap, walk Ormiston Pound and Gorge | 8kms
Day 2 : Trek section 8 Serpentine Gorge to Serpentine Chalet Dam, including Counts Point | 15kms
Day 3 : Hike section 10 Ormiston Gorge to Glen Helen/Finke River | 11kms
Day 4 : Explore the Ochre Pits, walk section 9 including Inarlanga Pass, Serpentine Chalet | 12-14kms
Day 5 : Summit Mt Sonder | 16kms
Day 6 : Ellery Creek, explore Standley Chasm, return to Alice Springs | 8-10kms

Super 6 Day: the Larapinta Trail challenge

Their Super six-day trek offers walkers the chance to really challenge themselves, as you tackle the hardest sections of the Larapinta Trail. This is not a trek for the faint hearted or inexperienced as each days walk is rated as either hard or very hard by NT Parks and Wildlife. The rewards for taking on this challenging trek are immense, with all of the most spectacular views of the Larapinta Trail on offer.

Day 1 : Pick up Alice Springs, walk section 3 Jay Creek to Standley Chasm. | 13kms
Day 2 : Walk section 4 Standley Chasm to Birthday Waterhole. | 17kms
Day 3 : Hike section 5 Birthday Waterhole to Hugh Gorge. | 17kms
Day 4 : Trek section 8 Serpentine Gorge to Serpentine Chalet Dam, including Counts Point. | 15kms
Day 5 : Walk section 9 Serpentine Chalet Dam to Ormiston Gorge. | 29kms
Day 6 : Summit Mt Sonder (section 12), return to Alice Springs. | 16kms

This tour is designed so that days vary between 6 and 12 hours of challenging to very challenging bushwalking, it is essential to be very well prepared physically and mentally to take on this trek.

3 Day Larapinta Trail Experience

Join this three-day Larapinta Trail trek visiting the must-see and do things in the West MacDonnell National Park: Simpsons Gap, Ellery Creek, Ormiston Gorge, Redbank Gorge and Counts Point. The highlight of the trek sees us summit the magnificent Mount Sonder for sunrise.

Itinerary Summary

Day 1: Pick up Alice Springs, walk Ormiston Pound/Gorge, and visit Glen Helen.
Day 2: Walk section 8 including Counts Point.
Day 3: Summit Mt Sonder, explore Standley Chasm, return Alice Springs.

9 Day Larapinta Trek: a journey towards Mt Sonder

The nine-day trek is a selection of highlights of the Larapinta Trail. Starting in Alice Springs, hike along scenic ridges, gorges and mountain peaks, including the glorious Mt Sonder, the highest point on the Trail.

Carrying only a day pack as you walk, you'll trek through Wallaby Gap; the Serpentine, Ormiston and Redbank Gorges; Finke River; Rocky Bar Gap and more.

Day 1 : Pick up Alice Springs, explore section 3 and Standley Chasm | 8-10kms
Day 2 : Hike section 4 from Standley Chasm to Brinkley Bluff and return | 20kms
Day 3 : Hike section 7 from Ellery Creek to Serpentine Gorge | 14kms
Day 4 : Trek section 8 Serpentine Gorge to Serpentine Chalet Dam, including Counts Point | 15kms
Day 5 : Explore the Ochre Pits, walk part of section 9 including Inarlanga Pass | 12-14kms
Day 6 : Hike section 11a from Rocky Bar Gap to Finke River | 15kms
Day 7 : Walk section 10 from Ormiston Gorge to Finke River | 11kms
Day 8 : Summit Mt Sonder | 16kms
Day 9 : Walk Ormiston Pound and Gorge, return to Alice Springs | 8kms

16 Day End to End Larapinta Trek

The Larapinta Trail provides walkers with an unequalled opportunity to take in the special wild places of this ancient and fascinating landscape. It crosses a variety of terrain, from high ridgelines to sheltered gorges. It’s a special place, and it’s a privilege to live, walk and share the experience with you.

The new look Larapinta Trail End to End trek is now a 16 day wilderness adventure. The itinerary has been designed to walk the entire length of the Larapinta Trail.

You only have to carry the things you need for the day in a small day pack and have your two experienced guides take care of all the camp logistics. Freshly prepared meals are a highlight of the trek, your guides will surprise and delight you with their culinary skills. Guides are selected for their unparalleled knowledge of the Larapinta Trail and ability to work together with you to showcase this spectacular wilderness walking trail, in a safe and supportive environment.

5 Day Mt Giles Explorer Trek: guided hike up a desert peak

This remote walking tour is a great way to experience what lies beyond the Larapinta Trail. You are accompanied by two experienced Trek Larapinta Guides who lead this adventure and ensure safe travel, as most of this walk is through untracked terrain.

Mt Giles rises up out of the Chewings Range and is the third highest peak in the West MacDonnell Ranges National Park. At 1389m above sea level, this desert peak creates an awesome backdrop to an already beautiful range system. It towers above the eastern end of Ormiston Pound and delivers impressive views to all those who venture to climb the mountain's summit.

It includes setting up base camp, going on an exploratory walk, hiking off trail up this mountain, entering the beautiful Ormiston Pound through an uncommon entrance, wandering through the stunning gorge and visiting its waterhole.

It's for all those who want to venture further into the stunning living desert of Central Australia

Trek Larapinta Volunteer Project - Larapinta Trail maintenance

Please contact Trek Larapinta with expressions of interest. We welcome enquires from individuals, schools, groups and organisations

These projects will be conducted in conjunction with Parks and Wildlife and other land management organisations. You will work closely with the land managers and be provided with an opportunity to have a unique experience within some of these protected areas.

Many people who have travelled through Central Australia or walked the Larapinta Trail have expressed a desire to return and experience it in a new and often giving way. Whether this is your first time or you've been before, active participation in one of these projects is sure to be a memorable and rewarding way to experience this land.


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