Railway bridge over Warloch Ponds
Detail of pylons and framing

Warloch Ponds Railway Bridge

The Warloch Ponds Railway Bridge, built 1928-29, is approximately 15km south of Mataranka and is historically significant to the Territory for its association with the North Australian Railway (NAR) which brought rail transport to the Northern Territory.

The NAR and its associated infrastructure greatly aided the development and settlement of the Territory and proved vital as a transport route during WWII and the defence of Northern Australia. Being of substantial length, 256 metres, and constructed of steel and concrete, the bridge is a major feature of the landscape at Warloch Ponds. A large bridge of the period, the structure reflects technical accomplishment and achievement, particularly in view of its remote location. The bridge was used from 1929 until the NAR closed in 1976.

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