The amazing landscape of Curtin Springs will give you memories to last a lifetime.
Curtin Springs
Curtin Springs Walks

Curtin Springs Walks

Curtin Springs Walks are designed for those who are looking to step gently into the environment and to appreciate being in the landscape.

Curtin Springs Station is a privately owned cattle station, over one million acres in size. There is really no other landscape like it in Central Australia.

The combination of ancient and vast salt lakes, different land types each with their unique features and textures, and the ever present moods of the grand Mt Conner, are sure to embed Curtin Springs into your memory forever.

Participants will learn how beef production is intrinsically linked to land management and how Curtin Springs Station produces food, whilst protecting a million acre wildlife corridor.

With the huge backdrop it is easy to feel very small in this vast landscape. All walks are in constantly changing environments. It is never the same from one day to the next. The intricacies of mother nature are fascinating and ever changing.

All walks are fully inclusive of all accommodation, meals, walking guide. Enjoy the landscape and return to comfortable accommodation.

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