Ordinance bunker built into the hillside.
Inside Bunker
Blast walls between ordinance stores

Snake Creek Armament Depot

The Snake Creek Armament Depot is valued for its historical association with the events of World War II in Northern Australia and with the important part played by the Adelaide River district as a wartime military base.

The site has various types of structures which demonstrate the diversity and complexity of structures comprising a large military ordnance depot of this type. The timber framed storage buildings and laboratories are unique and are the last remaining from the War. It is one of the major fixed installations built during World War II and is the largest of its type in the Northern Territory. The Depot site provides valuable evidence of the impact of World War II on the Territory, and the remaining structures on site have a powerful visual effect. The air attacks on the Northern Territory during World War II, and the post-war strategic importance of Darwin during the post-war hostilities in Indonesia, were factors in the continued maintenance of the Depot for explosives storage by the Royal Australian Air Force.



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