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Three people on segways looking at the ocean at East Point Reserve

Safety informationfor visiting the Northern Territory

Take these safety precautions in the great outdoors to make sure your holiday in the Northern Territory is memorable for all the right reasons.

Heat safety

Be aware of the different weather conditions at different times of the year. Extreme coldcan be just as dangerous as extreme heat so remember to stay updated with the local weather.

Dress to the conditions. Wear appropriate clothing, hat and shoes. Wear sunscreen and take a snack for energy. Always tell someone where you're going.

In the Northern Territory (NT) you need to drink at least two litres of water a day, or more if you’re outdoors or exercising.

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Crocodile & wildlife safety

While exploring the outdoors, you’ll more than likely encounter some of the NT’s wildlife. To ensure your own safety, it’s better not to disturb these animals and insects.

It’s also important to remember that any body of water in the Top End may contain large and potentially dangerous crocodiles, so observe safety signs and Be Crocwise.

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Camping safety

Before you depart on your camping adventure, make sure you check weather, road and general camping information and updates on where you’ll be travelling.

Tell someone where you’ll be going and when you’re expected to return.

Plan every detail including what equipment and supplies you might need in an emergency, and make sure your vehicle is suitable for the conditions.

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Walking, hiking & biking safety

The Northern Territory has some of the best walking trails to explore, but these can be quite remote so it’s important to tell someone when you’re going, stay on marked tracks and roads, and pack enough food and water for your journey.

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Water, boating & fishing safety

With so many options to swim, fish and boat, the NT’s abundance of safe places to explore make it the perfect destination for all water activities.

There’s a few things you need to consider when you’re in or on the water so be sure to read local updates on conditions and protect yourself again the heat.

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Road safety

Driving adventures in the NT will sure to be a highlight of your trip and with 95% of the NT being accessible by well-maintained roads, your options are endless.

Before you venture out, check local road conditions and that your vehicle is well stocked should you encounter any issues, familiarise yourself with the road rules, always wear a seatbelt and watch out for wildlife.

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Bushfire safety

At certain times of the year, the dry weather conditions of the NT can increase the risk of fires which can be dangerous if you’re not informed or prepared. Check fire restrictions in the area and in the event that a fire is close by, tune in to local radio for updates.

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Cyclone safety

Tropical cyclones may occur in the NT from November to April and can be potentially destructive, bringing heavy rain and storm surges.

If there’s a cyclone it’s important to listen to the local radio and if possible, to have a cyclone kit ready.

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