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Cultural Orientation

Join Kumalie for an in-depth cultural orientation where she will introduce you to the essentials at the heart of Arrente culture..

Visitors will learn about traditional and contemporary Australian Aboriginal culture in a Central Australian context.. Learn to introduce yourself in basic Arrente and learn of the different language groups and dialects around Mbantua (Alice Springs).. Kumalie will introduce you to traditional symbols that are commonly used in local art and rock paintings, which represent elements of the culture and were essential to communication, allowing important stories to be shared.. Investigate the use of totems and traditional kinship systems in Arrente culture. Discover the importance of these for identity and relationships in Aboriginal Law and how it relates to the connection to Land/ Apmere.. Kumalie will also describe traditional bush tucker, bush medicine and survival techniques and discuss contemporary social and cross-cultural issues, cross-cultural communication dynamics and skills.. Tours require a minimum of 4 people to run and are limited to a maximum of 10ppl.


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